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July 26 2010

Pit Bulls Aren't the Problem, Some Owners ARE

I posted this video because the dude narrating does such a nice job of reflecting the facts…Also, I like the depiction of the American flag throughout….Ironic, because breed bans are likely unconstitutional. 

July 25 2010

Shiba Inu Mistaken for a Coyote – Hard to Believe

A dog was let loose into the woods by a local animal shelter because an employee at the shelter thought the dog was a coyote. Hardly, a coyote, the dog is a Shiba Inua. Lori Goodlett told The State-Journal her pet of 11 years disappeared from her fenced back yard on July 3. It was…

July 24 2010

Dancing for Pet Adoption

Pet adoption – well, that is something to CELEBRATE! (thanks to Wendy DeCarlo for the suggestion to post this)

July 23 2010

Pet Insurance is a Wise Investment

Seems everyone is talking about pet insurance. A piece in the Chicago Tribune notes pet insurance is gaining in popularity – true….but still, around 90 percent of pet owners don’t have insurance, and most of those pet owners don’t even know pet insurance exists. There remain many misconceptions about pet insurance. – Some people actually…

July 23 2010

The Apology Video: Lame Excuses for Giving Up Pets

Are these people really sorry? Here’s are excuses (and nothing more than excuses) for giving up dogs…What about cats? Actually, more people give up cats than dogs.*(Was asked to post this, and happy to do it)*  

July 23 2010

Dr. Rubin on Steve Dale's Pet World Answers Your Questions

Dr. Sheldon Rubin – who is known for a distinguished career, and for training three of the most famous veterinarians (who can be seen is this technical video) – on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Saturday July 24, 2 pm CT – 890, AM WLS.

July 22 2010

Two Cats, A Dog…A Love Affair

I HATE THE EXPRESSION, ‘THEY FIGHT LIKE CATS AND DOGS.’ Over a quarter of all pet owners – have at least one cat and one dog….and mostly those families don’t need Jimmy Carter to broker peace. You still don’t believe me, watch this. (thanks for the post idea Karen)

July 22 2010

Pit Bull Helps Out Mary Tyler Moore

You’ve heard of dogs who help people in unexpected ways, warning of the onset heart palpitations and irregularities and seizures. Some dogs even warn of diabetic crashes. Actress Mary Tyler Moore says she has one of those dogs, She told, “”He helps me with my diabetes –he can sense when something’s not right.” By…

July 19 2010

Tribute to Senior Dogs

Love knows no age – Our own Lucy is 15 and doing ok. Still, I cried. 

July 19 2010

The Friendly Skies Aren't Always So Friendly For Pets

Chicago Tribune reporter Jon Hilkevitch got it right, but many news reports on TV and radio, in particular, goofed. The reports indicated that according to the United States Department of Transportation flying with short-faced dogs or dogs with those pushed in noses places their lives at a greater risk, and advices against it. Well, that’s…

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