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Dogs Go Balllistic With Joy Greeting Returning Soldier

These videos are all over YouTube, a returning soldier with dogs ecstatic beyond belief. Clearly these dogs know that he wasn’t just gone for a few hours at the store. I’m not sure people are capable of expressing THIS MUCH joy….

AKC Calls for the Eagles to Reconsider Sportsmanship Award for Michael Vick

The American Kennel Club, including their 5,000 member dog clubs nationwide are calling for the Philadelphia Eagles to withdraw Vick as the recipient of Ed Block Courage Award. The AKC request to withdraw Vick as the Block Courage Award winner was signed Friday (but first came to media attention this afternoon, January 25) by president…

The Michael Vick Project, A Trailer for His Reality TV Show

Here is a reel promoting Michael Vick’s BET reality TV show, called The Michael Vick Project, will debut February 2. Tell me what you think…

Acepromazine, Not An Ace in the Hole: Dr. Overall Make a Case Against Ace

Acepromazine – NOT a drug of choice, that’s what veterinary behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall is explaining here.  I am pretty sure this was Dr. Overall’s appearance at the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants conference. I had the honor of introducing Dr. Overall at that event – she is one of the people I most…

Survival of the Cutest

It sounds wacky at first, but think about – maybe we’re all selecting for what we perceive as the cutest pets, call the theory Survival of the Cutest. A study published in The American Naturalist today (20 January 2010), compared the skull shapes of domestic dogs with those of different species across the order Carnivora,…

Ilusion Millan Teaches Kids About Dogs, American Humane's TASK Reaches Kids: Dogs as Teachers and Therapists

Two distinct new programs that have a lot in common: I recently met Ilusion Milllan and was impressed with her passion, and the program she was so passionate about, called Mutt-i-Grees through the Cesar and Ilusion Milllan Foundation.By learning to care for dogs, kids at a young age learn responsibility, confidence. understanding it’s ok that…

Heroes & Hounds, Tamar Geller

Operation Heroes & Hounds is dog trainer/author Tamar Geller’s non-profit which presents injured members of the United States military with the unique opportunity of coaching and living with shelter dogs. Tamar’s first-ever benefit was held right here in October, and it sold out. I was the emcee, and here are the photos (finally!).

Should She Give Up Her Cat?

from USA WeekendQ: “Charlie, my boyfriend of nine months, despises cats. I don’t really know why – he doesn’t give me a straight answer. He says he won’t visit anymore as long as I have Bella. I really do like Charlie, but Bella has been my friend for 11 years. I’ve had her since she…

American Kennel Club Now Registers Mixed Breeds

Mixed breeds can now be registered with the American Kennel Club. This is a new deal, traditionally the AKC accepted only pedigreed dogs. Like so many organizations, no doubt, this an effort by the AKC to raise revenue. Another effort to raise dollars has been increasing the breeds accepted into the AKC, welcoming some pretty…

American Humane Red Star Animal Emergency Services: Haiti Earthquake Response

American Humane’s Red Star Animal Emergency Services, and a Coalition called the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti are responding to the emergency. Right now, attempting to provide medical care, and food and water for people is the primary priority. However, soon it will be important to assess what to do with stray and displaced animals …

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