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Superstar Smiles Photo Contest – Dogs Smiling! (Deux)

By popular request, more smiling dogs! Save this link, and my other smiling dog post for anytime you’re having a down day, looking at the entrants will put a smile on your face. If you want to show off your own dog’s pearly whites, there are still a few days to enter the Superstar Smiles…

Superstar Smiles Photo Contest – Dogs Smiling!

Absolutely, dogs smile! Here’s proof! In fact, as you click on the photos on this gallery, I dare you to not smile right along with the dogs. If you want to show off your dog’s pearly whites, enter the Superstar Smiles Photo Contest. Here are some random entrants (full disclosure: I’m a judge for this…

A Las Vegas You've Never Seen – Western Veterinary Confernece

The Western Veterinary Conference is the largest vet conference in the world, and was held February 14 through 18 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas. Here’s a view of Vegas you might only get from, well, me….

You Don't Need to be an Alpha Dog

For those pounding away at the message that you must dominate your dog, be the alpha leader in the house, just like the alpha wolf…For starters, dogs aren’t wolves. What’s more, according to a foremost expert on wolves, we now know this is not really how wolf packs are structured anyway:

Big Cat Show, Big Dog Show – Both Feature on the Big 89-WLS

Beverly Frenzel of the Lincoln State Cat Club talks about their upcoming show on Steve Dale’s Pet World, tomorrow (Saturday, February 20) 6 am cst on WLS (890-AM). We’ll talk about rare cat breeds you may never have heard of, and what a cat show is all about. A portion of the proceeds of the…

Westminster, World's Most Viewed Dog Show (and predictions)

The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on USA and CNBC Monday and Tuesday (February 15, 16) from Madison Square Garden features only Champion dogs representing 173 breeds and varieties. For 21 years David Frei has been broadcasting show; Frei talks with me about the iconic dog show, and offers a glimpse into Westminster behind-the-scenes. Below…

Cold Weather Safety for Pets

The weather outside can still be frightful. Here are 12 tips to keep your pets safe in the cold, and the snow.

Dogs Confiscated From Horrible Conditions in St. Anne, Illinois

More than 50 dogs sold online from a puppy mill were rescued Friday February 12 in St. Anne, IL. by authorities during a week-long undercover investigation in Kankakee County. The dogs included “designer” Multipoos, as well as Yorkshire Terriers, Pugs and others. The cost for these warehoused dogs was $300 to $600. A search warrant…

David Frei Makes Westminster Predictions on WLS AM

Voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show for 20 years, David Frei appears on my show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, tomorrow (February 12) 6 a.m., (cst)  890 AM,                             Uno the Best in Show winner from 2008, speaks up at an appearance Sadie, favored to take Westminster by some. Listen to hear who Frei…

Woman Breast Feeds Dog

She said, “The dog was hungry.” So, what do you? Naturally, you whip one out – and breast feed the dog??? So, is this story about the woman breast feeding her dog true? Well, according to the story, it all happened in Hawk’s Bay (except they spelled Hawke’s Bay wrong, at least if they meant…

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