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January 31 2010

Dog, Ape's Best Friend

Fascinating…an Orangutan happens upon a hound dog, and they instantly become best friends. To this dog, can an Orangutan be just like a child? (thanks for the story Michele)

January 30 2010

Chicago Blackhawks Help Homeless Pets

Last year, I had this crazy idea to tie in the Chicago Blackhawks with pet adoption. The announcement, I am making here…the Hawks will do it again this season! Check out the gallery which tells the story:

January 29 2010

Steve Dale's Pet World. actress Hilary Swank on WLS-AM, 2 p.m.

Steve Dale’s Pet World, 2 p.m. at WLS-AM 890 (, two-time Academy Award winner Hilary Swank announces just how successful the 2009 Iams 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign was, and she’ll talk about her own rescued pets (2 dogs and 2 parrots). In addition, Cook County’s veterinarian in-chief…big honcho vet, Dr. Donna Alexander will…

January 29 2010

Steve Dale's Pet World a live interview with American Humane from Haiti on WLS-AM, 6 a.m.

Steve Dale’s Pet World on WLS-AM (890 AM or, 6:05 AM tomorrow (Saturday January 30), the first ever live radio report from Port-au-Prince to focus solely on the animals. Tracy Reis of American Humane will talk with me from her location near the U.N. compound.Reis will relate what it’s like in Haiti (I will…

January 28 2010

Haiti's Animals Now Receiving Attention

American Humane, the dual mission is to support animal and child welfare since 1877, positioning AH as the perfect responder for Haiti. That’s because the need is SO great. American Humane is famous for building partnerships. AH created a coalition of animal welfare groups just after the earthquake, Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti (ARCH). American…

January 28 2010

Forget H1N1, How About the Hound Flu? Dogs Can Get the Flu Too

Canine Influenza, that’s the fancy name for the dog flu.It’s cold and flu season for you and your dog. The canine flu is very contagious from dog to dog. Unless you’re wagging your tail, it’s unlikely you can get the dog flu. There is now an available vaccine for the dog flu. I spoke about…

January 25 2010

Salute to Dr. Sheldon Rubin

Dr. Sheldon Rubin retired after 41 years treating Chicago’s pets…he was Oprah’s vet and he was the veterinarian to people who couldn’t afford care…No veterinarian in Chicago has ever been as influential. No veterinarian in America has ever communicated as much with the public. Here’s a gallery salute to Chicago’s own James Herriot, including a…

January 25 2010

Dogs Go Balllistic With Joy Greeting Returning Soldier

These videos are all over YouTube, a returning soldier with dogs ecstatic beyond belief. Clearly these dogs know that he wasn’t just gone for a few hours at the store. I’m not sure people are capable of expressing THIS MUCH joy….

January 25 2010

AKC Calls for the Eagles to Reconsider Sportsmanship Award for Michael Vick

The American Kennel Club, including their 5,000 member dog clubs nationwide are calling for the Philadelphia Eagles to withdraw Vick as the recipient of Ed Block Courage Award. The AKC request to withdraw Vick as the Block Courage Award winner was signed Friday (but first came to media attention this afternoon, January 25) by president…

January 24 2010

The Michael Vick Project, A Trailer for His Reality TV Show

Here is a reel promoting Michael Vick’s BET reality TV show, called The Michael Vick Project, will debut February 2. Tell me what you think…

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