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January 17 2010

Heroes & Hounds, Tamar Geller

Operation Heroes & Hounds is dog trainer/author Tamar Geller’s non-profit which presents injured members of the United States military with the unique opportunity of coaching and living with shelter dogs. Tamar’s first-ever benefit was held right here in October, and it sold out. I was the emcee, and here are the photos (finally!).

January 17 2010

Should She Give Up Her Cat?

from USA WeekendQ: “Charlie, my boyfriend of nine months, despises cats. I don’t really know why – he doesn’t give me a straight answer. He says he won’t visit anymore as long as I have Bella. I really do like Charlie, but Bella has been my friend for 11 years. I’ve had her since she…

January 17 2010

American Kennel Club Now Registers Mixed Breeds

Mixed breeds can now be registered with the American Kennel Club. This is a new deal, traditionally the AKC accepted only pedigreed dogs. Like so many organizations, no doubt, this an effort by the AKC to raise revenue. Another effort to raise dollars has been increasing the breeds accepted into the AKC, welcoming some pretty…

January 15 2010

American Humane Red Star Animal Emergency Services: Haiti Earthquake Response

American Humane’s Red Star Animal Emergency Services, and a Coalition called the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti are responding to the emergency. Right now, attempting to provide medical care, and food and water for people is the primary priority. However, soon it will be important to assess what to do with stray and displaced animals …

January 14 2010

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

I can assure you National Dress Up Your Pet Day is not a parking meter holiday. But then in Chicago, Christmas, I don’t believe is a parking meter holiday. I don’t know how I missed this one – today, January 14 is the big celebration –  National Dress Up Your Pet Day. I believe, you…

January 11 2010

See Top Pet Stories 2009

Here are my top twenty pet stories for 2009! It was a wild year….

January 8 2010

Gene Identified for Compulsive Behavior in Doberman's Might Help People, Also Greyhound Rescue and TNR on WLS Radio

Look at your dog. Your dog’s brain is pretty much like your brain… Fido’s brain     Fred’s brain Dr. Nicholas Dodman, director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and several colleagues just identified the gene responsible a compulsive behavior in Doberman’s. Dodman and Dr. Edward Ginns, neuroscientist at  UMass…

January 8 2010

Vick's Changed: Tony Dungy

On “The Today Show” this morning (Friday, Jan. 7) ex-NFL Coach Tony Dungy (football announcer/mentor) told Matt Lauer Michael Vick has changed. He said when Vick received the letters in jail, and then had to write the young people back who wrote him, he was emotionally impacted.Dungy did not say Vick has done anything proactively…

January 8 2010

Camping in the Snow? It's for the Dogs

Camp Dogwood really does offer your dog a chance to be a dog. Spring camp sessions feature activities like agility class and Frisbee disc classes…but about the winter? Ice sculpturing? Some dogs really do love the snow and don’t mind frigid weather. Some people claim they feel the same way. Hope you write me about…

January 7 2010

Sheriff's Office Reunites Dog: A Macho Story

It happens far more often than it makes the news, pets left in homes of those foreclosed or evicted. Cook County deputies conducted an eviction in Garfield Park announced on January 6 (Thursday) and discovered Macho, a malnourished dog stolen before Thanksgiving from a nearby home. Macho was positively identified because he had a microchip…

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