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January 16 2017

Circus Closed: Might Elephants Be On Their Way Out?

The Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus is closing after more than 100 years in operation, according to a press release from Feld Entertainment, which has owned the circus for the last 50 years. When this news hit the press, many of my animal-loving friends said “it’s about time!” Perhaps, that is true, but still…

October 19 2016

Trump Kids are Killers

When I wrote about the Trump sons killing big game in Africa (and elsewhere), including endangered species – I’d like to share some of the in social media responses from that post, followed by my comments: “This is all a left wing media conspiracy to get at Trump – which you are a part of.”…

October 4 2016

Elephant Loves the Foot Pad Trim

C’mon you can’t clip your dog or cat’s nails – but this can happen…..from the ZooLeon in Leon, Mexico; this African elephant is simply asked to have his foot pads trimmed. He contentedly complies because he offered special treats. The Fear Free initiative in veterinary medicine is all about reducing fear, anxiety and stress both…

August 12 2016

World Elephant Day

Pack your trunks – it’s World Elephant Day. Because they require so much space, the ability to travel and carry valuable tusks  – habitat needs and poaching for ivory pose an enormous risk to wild African and Asian elephants.  In places, this intelligent and social species is under enormous pressure. The Elephant Reintroduction Foundation is…

Elephant Tears are Real

Elephants are emotional beings, just as dogs, cats, chimpanzees and people are – and a long list of other animals. People who work with elephants have for many decades told stories involving elephant tears. It turns out these stories aren’t fiction. According to Mail Online,  an elephant named Raju held for 50-years in painful, spiked…

Animal News: Talking Elephant

This story about a talking elephant isn’t political….really. And when I tell you about a talking elephant, I am not referring to a right wing announcer on the radio.  It all began six years ago, as a video clip, sent by staff of the Everland Zoo in South Korea was sent to elephant-communication researcher Joyce Poole of…

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