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January 17 2021

Happy 99th: More with Betty White

Today, January 17 2021 is Betty White’s 99th birthday. Here’s an interview I had with Betty eight years ago and details on how she’ll celebrate this birthday. Here is one of my ‘sit-downs,’ as we call them, with Betty White. This is interview is from 10-years ago in Las Vegas, recorded at the Western Veterinary…

January 16 2021

Happy 99th: A Conversation with Betty White

On January 17 Betty White celebrates her 99th birthday. According to CBS News, she’s doing well in quarantine while literally getting her ducks in a row, feeding ducks is a part of her daily routine.   Here are some fun Betty White facts – I know them, because she’s told me herself. I’ve interviewed her many…

January 14 2021

Paul Lisnek’s Newest Book; Theaters Surviving in Pandemic; Ice-Cream War

Amazing, Betty White is about to celebrate her 99th birthday, and my dear OLD friend Paul Lisnek is the only person around I know who can call her “kiddo.” Paul, political analyst at WGN TV, and I talked about his latest book, how Chicago theaters are dealing with the pandemic and our ice-cream WAR at…

January 13 2021

Getting a Canine Work Partner

Watch for it here….”I want to be your work partner.” Adorable dog pulls chair to sit next to owner This dog just really wants to sit next to his owner! ❤️via Jukin Media Posted by Daily Mail on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

January 8 2021

Dogs Waits for Ice-Cream: A Sign of Spring?

Doesn’t ice-cream mean Spring is almost here? Speaking of ice-cream, if you haven’t heard about the ice-cream war to benefit Anti Cruelty Society.

January 2 2021

Ringneck Parakeets Enjoying One Another’s Company

Here’s how to kick off the New Year with a smile. These Indian Ringneck Parakeets, Fabio and Gabriel, clearly enjoy one another’s company.

December 29 2020

Chatty and Affectionate Parrots

This is my favorite video of 2020 – just so sweet. Do you speak parrot? I believe these are ring-necked parakeets. These birds are truly communicating something (aside from obviously affection), but what in the heck are they saying?

December 27 2020

paul lisnek Ice-Cream Meltdown: ‘The Banana Was a Big Surprise’

My ongoing competition with Dr. Paul Lisnek of WGN-TV regarding our ice-cream battle at Windy City Sweets, all to benefit the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago. I just received this email from a WGN Radio listener, the best email ever! “I hope this finds you well and enjoying the beautiful weather this holiday weekend. I…

December 27 2020

El Mariachi: Tequila to Beat COVID

Pandemic or not, the bottomless mimosa brunch continues with either orders to-go or sit outside in a tent on the patio, or seated inside at an open window at El Mariachi Restaurant and Tequila Bar, 3906 N. Broadway. Listen HERE to my conversation today with owner Tony Estrada on my Sunday afternoon Steve Dale’s Other…

December 26 2020

Joan Van Ark on Knots Landing

Remember Valene Ewing from Knots Landing? I begin my conversation with actress Joan Van Ark here on WGN Radio. I suggest Knots Landing was the original cliffhanger which, if it was on today, we would binge. I spoke with VanArk, not only because I kind of had a crush on her back in the day,…

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