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October 20 2020

Shape Up with Your Best Friend

Shape up with your best friend. THIS is the human-animal bond in action. lovely😊😍🤩❤️ — LovePower (@LovePower_page) October 17, 2020

October 19 2020

Lucille Ball’s Secretary on Why She Too Loved Lucy

I know Lucille Ball’s former secretary Wanda Clarke – now that is a claim to fame if there ever was one, and you can hear my conversation with Wanda HERE from my new Sunday afternoon show on WGN Radio.. We talked about how online and in lots of books and TV movies, they may say…

October 19 2020


Peek-a-Boo! Thank god you're home! — Meriel (@MerielMyers) October 6, 2020

October 19 2020

John the Sheik Landecker: WGN Radio Oasis

Listen HERE to legendary Chicago radio personality John Records Landecker  on my new WGN radio Sunday afternoon radio show. After all, Landecker isn’t playing records anymore. Though, he explains Records really is his middle name, I suggest that there should be new choices. Simply put, my campaign is an urgent one of great national relevance:…

October 18 2020

She’s TV’s Number One B****And Proud of It: Talking with Alison Arngrim

Vanity Fair has ranked Alison Arngrim aka Nellie Oleson from Little House on the Prairie as TV’s #1 bitch of all time. Listen HERE to Alison on my new WGN Radio show tell me why she’s proud of being TV’s number one B****.  All these years later, people still hollar obscenities her way just seeing her the…

October 17 2020

Alligator on Helium

In case you’ve already wondered what an alligator on helium sounds like – here’s your answer. And that result earned an international team of researchers an Ig Noble Prize. These prizes are for science and humanities that are intended to make you laugh – then think. What would be the point? Actually, alligators are surprisingly…

October 15 2020

Lower Your Stress, Watch a Beaver

Has the pandemic, or life in general, got you down? The solution is apparently right here in this video.  According to the Internet (as I can’t find the actual study), watching beaver chomping on cabbage can reduce stress levels by 17 percent. If you’re really stressed out, enjoy this hour and 20 minute loop of…

October 9 2020

Bouncing Sheep

Sleep poorly? We count sheep. What do sheep do? Maybe this sheep bounces herself to sleep.

October 8 2020

Human Animal Bond or Animal Human Bond

Being on the Board of Directors of the Human Animal Bond Association (which I encourage you to join, incidentally) we often talk about what we call the human animal bond, but also we take note of the animal human bond. Watch this – that bond works both ways.

September 29 2020

The Bear-Necessities

These ladies do have the bear-necesities, demonstrating exactly what to do if this happens to you as they’re approached by a curious black bear in Mexico. My advice: Never play poker with these ladies.

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