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April 7 2020

Kiara, Volleyball Playing Dog

I’ll have some tips very soon on games you can play with your dog, and easily teach your dog. This game is not one of them.  @kiarathevolleydog in Norway has a special talent, and although a retriever, Kiara clearly has ability as a setter.

April 3 2020

Driving Miss Doggy

The question you woke up asking, how competent are dogs behind the wheel? A Lakewood, WA man was arrested Sunday on March 29 after leading troopers on a high-speed chase, according a spokesperson for Washington State Police. Hitting two cars, speeding along on a high speed chase, traveling over 100 miles-per-hour, after blocks of erratic…

March 28 2020

Dogs Doing Yoga

Yoga is supposed to help you relax right? Apparently, the same may be true for dogs doing yoga. But their downward dog isn’t always the same as ours.

March 17 2020

Drew Lynch on COVID-19 and His Service Dog

Comedian Drew Lynch has a service dog named Stella. How can you walk a bridge between telling the truth and being funny? Lynch successfully does just that. (Note, while I think he’s funny and the over-riding message is on target, not all Lynch says is accurate. For example, COVID-19 is not a strain of flu.…

March 8 2020

Pucks and Paws and Decoding Your Cat

Pucks and Paws is a celebration of the Rockford Ice Hogs and pet adoption. How can I not love that? Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with Mike Peck, business operations manager of the Ice Hogs. Rockford, as a Blackhawks minor league team, has provided nearly 100 players for the major…

February 15 2020

Elephant Karaoke

All week on the Today Show, there have been reports about the power of music.. . how music might help in medical recovery, how music soothes hospice patients and music kicks our endorphins to do a happy dance. Studies have shown that music can ease anxiety in dogs and cats. But what about Asian elephants?

February 9 2020

A Dogged Proponent of Public Transit

Anything to get to the dog park…. (thanks to Jutka Kis for the tip for this post)  

February 1 2020

Drew Lynch: I Am Not Massaging Your Dog

I concede I am getting a bit obsessed with comedian Dew Lynch talking about his dog. Sometimes, as he points out, people (not the dogs) you meet at dog parks make little sense.

January 29 2020

Clipping Pet Nails, Low Stress Techniques on HouseSmarts TV

All about Fear Free technique for low stress training to clipping dog and/or cat nails, featured on this segment for HouseSmarts TV. More regarding Fear Free at Fear Free Happy Homes.

January 24 2020

Drew Lynch, Starbucks and What Can Happen with a Puppacino

Drew Lynch is hysterical. I posted a bit about how Drew, who has a service dog, feels about retractable leashes.  And in a very funny way, he nailed what I’ve been preaching with logic and science. This routine is about what can happen when your dog goes to Starbucks, orders a Puppacino and then everyone…

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