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Halloween events for pets

Halloween Fun for Pets

Halloween fun is about dressing all the children, including those with four legs. More than 4.2 million dog-owning households and nearly two million cat-caretakers will be treating their furry companions to ghoulish goodies and grisly toys this Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF). Many Halloween costume contests and events for dressed up pets…
My New Puppy by Pet expert Steve Dale

My New Puppy

“My New Puppy” is my latest book and it is FREE, here, at least for now. This is a children’s coloring book, an endeavor I never previously thought about – but it happened. “My New Puppy” is for young kids, and hopefully filled with several simple albeit important lessons. We know that children who grow…

Halloween Pet Costume Trends; Visit Chicago Mayoral Candidate and Pet Lovers, and More

Blah! Blah! It’s scary. And you’re not alone, as more than 4.2 million dog-owning households and nearly two million cat-caretakers will be treating their furry companions to ghoulish goodies and grisly toys this Halloween, according to the National Retail Federation. I talk on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, HERE with Gabbie Roderer,…
Steve Dale on WGN radio nightside

Steve Dale on WGN Radio Nightside, Running and Running for Pizza; Pierre Pilote and More

WGN Radio Nightside is about variety of guests. Listen HERE – beginning with the grandson of my favorite hockey player of all time, Karson Pilote, who called Chicago Blackhawk Hall-of-Famer Pierre “grandpa.” Karson directed “Heart of the Blackhawks: The Pierre Pilote Story,” a documentary being shown at film festivals. We spoke about how Pierre Pilote…
Pet expert Steve Dale joins Bill and Wendy on WGN

Pet Talk with Steve Dale with Bill and Wendy on WGN Radio

I love being on WGN radio with Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder (listen to here), first talking about the grain free diets. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine has issued a vague warning about dogs eating grain free diets, and for some dogs their odds increase of suffering dilated cardiomyopathy (a…
Paula Stewart on her book Lucy Loved Me on WGN radio

Paula Stewart, Lucille Ball Loved Her

Paula Stewart was Lucille Ball’s best pal, and wrote a book about that friendship called “Lucy Loved Me.”  Paula talks here on the WGN Radio podcast Steve Dale’s Other World about what Lucy was really like, perhaps the most well-loved personality of all time. We banter a great deal about whether or not Lucy was actually…

Goats on the Lam

What do you do when you’re trying to run a commuter train service, and this happens? Fortunately, the portion of the Sea Beach line the goat pair chose for their grazing has been closed to train traffic for station rehabilitation. They did, however, get a bit too close for comfort to an electrified third rail.…

Meow Meetup Around the Corner

The Meow Meetup, a convention for cat lovers, cat fanatics, cat aficionados – ie: crazy cat people is just around the corner. If you love cats, adore cats, or just want to learn more – this is for you!  The fun feline celebration comes to the Rosemont Convention, Rosemont, IL on July 21 and 22. I am…

Canine Cruise and a Reporter’s Lap

The idea of dogs attending a baseball game, that was mine. The idea of an architecture cruise for dogs – also my idea. Of course, I won’t tell you about the ideas that flopped. But this one worked out quite well for the Mercury Chicago Skyline Cruiseline, which offers the Canine Cruise Saturday and Sunday…

Cat Film Festival Purrs in Arlington, MA

The Cat Film Festival on Friday, June 29th and Sunday, July 1st at the Regent Theater (7 Medford Street), Arlington, MA. A portion of proceeds benefits The Cat Connection and Winn Feline Foundation. Cat Behavior Consultant, Rachel Geller, will be giving a free Q & A after the 2nd show on Friday The Cat Film Festival is comprised of two…

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