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May 10 2020

Obstacle Challenge: Seriously?

It’s the obstacle challenge – CAT vs. DOG. Here’s a choreographed version. See how your 17-year old cat Roxy did compared to our Chihuahua/Terrier-mix, Hazel. Would love to see how your pets faire.  

May 3 2020

Getting Reclusive Eels to Stick their Necks Out

Being closed now for a few months, aquariums and zoos have a unique issue. Over the course of time, many captive animals have become sensitized to humans, doing what we do…..making noise, funny gestures and funny faces. However with all the people being gone some animals have again from wary of people. When keepers attempt…

May 1 2020

Dog vs Cat Obstacle Challenge

Bored at home, people have come up with the obstacle challenge, which they post to YouTube. You try it too,  demonstrating the differences between how dogs and cats navigate. Set up random obstacles in a narrow hallway and watch who does better at coming to you while knocking over the fewest obstacles – the dog…

April 27 2020

Animals Visiting Animals at Zoos

We can’t go to zoos at this moment  – but animals are visiting animals at zoos…..

April 27 2020

Betty the Weather Cat

New celebrities in time of COVID-19, here’s one, Betty the Weather Cat.

April 15 2020

Spending More Time in Your Cat’s Home

If you ever doubted who’s really in charge. . . from Simon’s Cat. Watching this is a sure way to put a smile on your face

April 7 2020

Kiara, Volleyball Playing Dog

I’ll have some tips very soon on games you can play with your dog, and easily teach your dog. This game is not one of them.  @kiarathevolleydog in Norway has a special talent, and although a retriever, Kiara clearly has ability as a setter.

April 3 2020

Driving Miss Doggy

The question you woke up asking, how competent are dogs behind the wheel? A Lakewood, WA man was arrested Sunday on March 29 after leading troopers on a high-speed chase, according a spokesperson for Washington State Police. Hitting two cars, speeding along on a high speed chase, traveling over 100 miles-per-hour, after blocks of erratic…

March 28 2020

Dogs Doing Yoga

Yoga is supposed to help you relax right? Apparently, the same may be true for dogs doing yoga. But their downward dog isn’t always the same as ours.

March 17 2020

Drew Lynch on COVID-19 and His Service Dog

Comedian Drew Lynch has a service dog named Stella. How can you walk a bridge between telling the truth and being funny? Lynch successfully does just that. (Note, while I think he’s funny and the over-riding message is on target, not all Lynch says is accurate. For example, COVID-19 is not a strain of flu.…

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