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How to Feed Cats, Making Life More Interesting for Cats

Environmental enrichment for cats, from the Animal Behavior Resource Institute. This website is a great resource.

Report from the Lincoln State Cat Show

Here’s a view from my perch, Lincoln State Cat Show, continuing through 28, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Harper College, 1200 W. Algonquin Rd., Bldg. M, Palatine. Admission is $8 (Children under 6 free). Over 20 breeds presented, lots of breed booths, vendors selling everything cat on the planet and various expert speakers. Proceeds benefiting the…

How Far to Take Patriotic Duty? Does Sal Have to Serve on a Jury?

So, you think it’s ridiculous that you’ve been called for jury duty. That’s nothing compared with this story. Sal was summoned. Sal is a cat. When Sal’s owner, Anna in Boston filed for what seemed like an obvious disqualification, the jury commissioner denied the request. So, Sal will show up. Guess it’s not so bad,…

Superstar Smiles Photo Contest – Dogs Smiling! (Deux)

By popular request, more smiling dogs! Save this link, and my other smiling dog post for anytime you’re having a down day, looking at the entrants will put a smile on your face. If you want to show off your own dog’s pearly whites, there are still a few days to enter the Superstar Smiles…

Lincoln State Cat Show, A Purrfectly Good Time

Check out one of the great cat shows in the Midwest, the Lincoln State Cat Show, February 27-28, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. at Harper College, 1200 W. Algonquin Rd., Bldg. M, Palatine. Admission is $8 (Children under 6 free). Over 20 breeds will be presented, lots of breed booths, vendors selling everything cat on the planet…

Simon's Cat in the Snow

This guy get’s cats – and while I totally prefer cats stay indoors, this most recent installment of Simon’s Cat is still funny.

Superstar Smiles Photo Contest – Dogs Smiling!

Absolutely, dogs smile! Here’s proof! In fact, as you click on the photos on this gallery, I dare you to not smile right along with the dogs. If you want to show off your dog’s pearly whites, enter the Superstar Smiles Photo Contest. Here are some random entrants (full disclosure: I’m a judge for this…

A Las Vegas You've Never Seen – Western Veterinary Confernece

The Western Veterinary Conference is the largest vet conference in the world, and was held February 14 through 18 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas. Here’s a view of Vegas you might only get from, well, me….

Big Cat Show, Big Dog Show – Both Feature on the Big 89-WLS

Beverly Frenzel of the Lincoln State Cat Club talks about their upcoming show on Steve Dale’s Pet World, tomorrow (Saturday, February 20) 6 am cst on WLS (890-AM). We’ll talk about rare cat breeds you may never have heard of, and what a cat show is all about. A portion of the proceeds of the…

Dog Training Symposium – First of It's Kind, Cesar Millan and American Humane Convene the Event

Let me begin by saying ‘yes’ I do have something to do with this dog training symposium, to include Cesar Millan as well as many who historically disagree with his methods, a symposium sponsored by American Humane with Cesar Millan – also hopefully a who’s who in animal behavior and dog training. Many emails asking…

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