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March 29 2010

Global Pet Expo

I was at the largest pet trade show, the Global Pet Expo March 27 for a press conferences (to name the dog with the best smile – more on that in a blog post to come). Here’s are highlights:

March 26 2010

Flea and Tick Products; Grief after Loss; Our Fascination with Animals; and Lady Gaga for Dogs on Steve Dale's Pet World on WLS

I think this may actually be worth getting up for. Steve Dale’s Pet World, on AM 890-WLS (or  Saturday (March 27), about 9 p.m (post basketball), a bevvy of guests: Lots of questions from you about the EPA expressing concerns about fea and tick products. Should we use these products? Is there a safety…

March 24 2010

Doggie Gaga

You need a poker face to take this gallery seriously. Pet photographer Jesse Freidin created the Doggie Gaga Project, dressing dogs like Lady Gaga. The result – a viral epidemic. Of course, the question remains – ‘why do that?’ Is it because Jesse just wants to be taken seriously as a member of the paparazzi? …

March 17 2010

Come Flipper! Marine Mammal Trainer on WLS

Chris Dignan trains marine mammals at the Shedd Aquaurium, and he’s a dog trainer. He says, teaching marine mammals and training dogs is all pretty much the same. We’ll take your phone calls concerning any questions you have about your pet dolphin or your pet dog, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, Saturday March 20 at…

March 16 2010

Lucky Irish Dog Breeds

These dog breeds from Ireland must be as lucky as four-leaf clover.

March 15 2010

Simon's Cat Waking Owner

This automated video is SO on target. Compare with the real thing, a dude name Simon waking up because of his feline alarm.

March 15 2010

An Alarm Clock, or a Cat? This is Simon's Real Cat

Simon’s Cat is a well known animated cat seen on YouTube. I posted a Simon Cat in the snow.  A colleague sent me this – from YouTube, a real Simon Cat serving as an alarm clock. Notice the similarity to Simon Cat waking Simon, the animated video.  

March 14 2010

A Bit of the Irish in Dog Names

My most important post EVER. A top ten list of dogs most commonly named after Irish beer, Irish scotch or Irish whiskey. You can’t lose with any of these dog names. (compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance):

March 12 2010

The Amazing Rock Cats Perform on WLS-AM

No, it’s not Roe Conn, It’s not Don or Roma, or Cisco….or even Rush – these cool cats really are cats. Hear a performance from the Rock Cats Satrday, March 13, 6 am cst (, WLS 890-AM on Steve Dale’s Pet World.These cats are members of a band, who take their act on the road,…

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