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February 2 2010

Dog With a Bigger Smile Than Joe Biden

They must have told this dog one hysterical joke….If you don’t believe dogs smile: check out the video below. You will be proven wrong. (Thanks to Mike L for the link) If your dog smiles, you might want to enter this contest. Un chien sourit – Vidéo

January 30 2010

Chicago Blackhawks Help Homeless Pets

Last year, I had this crazy idea to tie in the Chicago Blackhawks with pet adoption. The announcement, I am making here…the Hawks will do it again this season! Check out the gallery which tells the story:

November 5 2009

Chris Rock Comments on Pit Bulls, Losses Richard Pryor Movie

Chris Rock on Michael Vick and dogfighting. Rock’s rant on the Jay Leno Show cost him a lead in an upcoming movie on the life of Richard Pryor. Jennifer Pryor’s widow (Pryor’s widow) was not amused. Rock comments included, “What the hell did Michael Vick do? Pit Bulls ain’t even real dogs! Dogs have never…

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