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Articles: Fear Free

November 2 2016

Why Fear Free Makes for Happier, Healthier Pets

I’m kind of screaming about this topic because I care so much about it – the idea is called Fear Free. Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Lisa Radosta agrees that pets don’t need to be fearful of veterinary visits.  Most pet owners have become accepting of techniques which only increase a pet’s fear, anxiety and stress….and sometimes…

October 4 2016

Elephant Loves the Foot Pad Trim

C’mon you can’t clip your dog or cat’s nails – but this can happen…..from the ZooLeon in Leon, Mexico; this African elephant is simply asked to have his foot pads trimmed. He contentedly complies because he offered special treats. The Fear Free initiative in veterinary medicine is all about reducing fear, anxiety and stress both…

September 29 2016

All Veterinary Professionals Support Fear Free

If pets are feeling fear, anxiety and stress during veterinary visits, their family members are picking up on the same feelings, and so even are the veterinary professionals. Julie Legred, a veterinary nurse and executive director of Veterinary Technicians in America, explains the Fear Free initiative. The goal is to reduce or even eliminate that…

September 13 2016

Camels Can Hop On to the Scale But Not Cats?

If zoos can weigh animals, from tiny poison arrow frogs to tigers to Bactrian camels, and the animals willingly go onto the scale (some even seem to enjoy the experience), why can’t we get our dogs and cats to do the same at the veterinary clinic without feeling fear, anxiety and stress? Well, we can, of…

September 6 2016

Fear Free: Inspiring and Educating

Fear Free has a newly announced mission statement: “Prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets by inspiring and educating the people who care for them.” It’s really a trend, veterinary professionals are becoming Fear Free certified every day. It’s the right thing to do for themselves, and both their human and animal clients.…

August 15 2016

"You & Me" and Fear Free

Fear Free veterinary visits are a huge break-through…the idea is that veterinary professionals and pet owners are going to combine forces to lower fear, anxiety, stress, and worse, of veterinary visits. I actually think many animals believe they are going to die. It doesn’t need to be this way. Blum Animal Hospital has the first Fear…

August 7 2016

Fear Free: Dogs Pulling Owners INTO the Clinic

Few dogs are really excited to visit the veterinarian….once they realize we’ve turned the corner and are on the block where Fear Free certified Blum Animal Hospital is located, they pull me down the street until we get there. These are dogs who know how to heel, but can’t contain themselves we are near the…

August 7 2016

Veterinarians and Pet Owners Should Support Fear Free

Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Debra Horwitz (co-editor “Decoding Your Dog,” authored by members of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists) explains the Fear Free initiative in veterinary medicine. . . and why the kinds of techniques supported today to eliminate fear, anxiety and stress weren’t once taught (and still may not be) at veterinary schools. Of…

July 8 2016

Dogs Are Fear Free, Loving Veterinary Visits

Fear Free veterinary visits are an excellent idea for so many reasons, and I write about my passion regarding Fear Free. Already naysayers have written that it’s really difficult to get dogs to do what I write about, to actually pull their pull into the door of the veterinary office. Well, it can be done.…

July 6 2016

Fear Free Veterinary Visits

Have you ever felt you are about to die?  I mean that literally, like you’ve been held up at gun point. I’ve suggested for years that too many of our pets at the vet office are feeling like they are being held up at gun point – that they are about to be killed. No…

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