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July 8 2016

Dogs Are Fear Free, Loving Veterinary Visits

Fear Free veterinary visits are an excellent idea for so many reasons, and I write about my passion regarding Fear Free. Already naysayers have written that it’s really difficult to get dogs to do what I write about, to actually pull their pull into the door of the veterinary office. Well, it can be done.…

July 6 2016

Stop Lyme: Tips on Prevention

Stop Lyme is a website with information to help you prevent Lyme, and to help your pets to prevent Lyme. That’s right – it is all about prevention. With over 300,000 annually sickened with Lyme (some say those numbers are far higher), I agree with the veterinary parasitologists who refer to the problem as an…

July 6 2016

Fear Free Veterinary Visits

Have you ever felt you are about to die?  I mean that literally, like you’ve been held up at gun point. I’ve suggested for years that too many of our pets at the vet office are feeling like they are being held up at gun point – that they are about to be killed. No…

July 5 2016

Kids Meeting Dogs in Summer: Safety First

Summer is here, and that means meeting more dogs – especially the kids meeting dogs they don’t know. Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association has two do’s and two don’t’s. Listen to Dr. Loenser  explain on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. We also talk about little kids who hug dogs.…

July 5 2016

Mexican Pet Revolution

There’s a revolution in Mexico when it comes to pet ownership, as noted by, results of an International Pet Food Forum held in June in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. Dogs and cats historically have been considered utilitarian – they served a purpose. Dogs guard property and cats catch vermin. For various reasons, including religion, spay/neuter…

July 2 2016

Dog Flu: Not Gone and Not Forgetten

So where’s the dreaded dog flu? Well, that depends on where you live. In some communities, it’s hasn’t appeared, at least not yet. In Chicago – Ground Zero from the H3N2 strain – it’s still lurking, and remains to stubbornly hang on in the City’s Animal Care & Control facility. In other cities it does…

June 27 2016

Governor Pat Quinn Takes Charge: Term Limits for the Mayor

“One day a peacock, the next day a feather duster,” says former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn about losing the Governor’s race, which ’till now he’s remained quiet about and out of the limelight.. Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Other World podcast with the former Guv. He’s leading a petition drive for two referendums. I…

June 22 2016

Hands-On Behavior Learning at AVMA

Pets are afraid of the veterinary clinic. When the cat carrier appears, the cat relocates to the next county, or dogs hit the brakes and begin to tremble when they realize where that car ride has taken them, pet owners aren’t as likely to come back. When pets are anxious, their people are too. The…

June 22 2016

Dog Rescued from Hot Car

One very cute was rescued from a sweltering car in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada on Saturday June 11 after a man used a large rock to smash the vehicle’s window. A Kitchener man who witnessed the events unfolding, says the dog was in rough shape when it was rescued from the car around 6:30 p.m.,…

June 21 2016

Get Ready for Even MORE Tick Disease

Where there are ticks, there is tick disease – FACT. Ticks share diseases with people and pets – FACT Experts at Oklahoma State University Division of Agriculture Sciences and Natural Resources say no hard freezes during the winter and lots of rain throughout the spring mean there’s going to be more ticks than usual throughout…

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