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June 19 2016

Animal Welfare Optimism, If We Are Kind to Each Other

Dogs, cats and other creatures have been in my life now for over 20 years. Personally, I know I’ve made a difference in a good way, everything from coming up with ideas like allowing dogs to come to the ball park (with the White Sox at first, and now replicated around America) to the Dog…

June 16 2016

Year of the Mosquito?

It’s not only the Zika virus, which truly is here, mosquitoes give a host of disease to people. And heartworm in dogs too. Dr. Michael Paul isn’t only the past executive director of the Companion Animal Parasite Council, he’s a resident of a tropical  mosquito haven, and talks about what dog owners can do to keep…

June 15 2016

More Evidence Regarding Declaw in Cats

Increasingly, it appears fewer cat owners seek to have their cats declawed. Increasingly, organized veterinary medicine discourages declaw (Onychectomy), and increasingly some individual veterinarian refuse under any circumstances to declaw. Other veterinarians will only declaw after all behavior alternatives are tried. There’s no data to absolutely demonstrate, but declaw is likely being done today far…

June 13 2016

World Pet Population Data a Mixed Bag

Pet are not merely an American phenomenon. Also, the data offered here demonstrates that just because pets are treated differently in other cultures, doesn’t mean they’re not loved. It’s all so complicated few overnight simple solutions. So, in Mexico, as one example, dogs and cats are not typically spay/neutered for reasons intertwined with both culture…

June 11 2016

Rats Don't Like Dog Poop

Give a rat a choice, and that rat will NEVER eat dog poop. That’s the fact. Ald. Rameriz-Rosa and the Mayor want to make it a crime ($50 to $500 fine) for people who do not pick up in their own backyards. I phoned Alderman Rameriz-Rosa’s office and was told “You’d know when to fine…

June 10 2016

Dogs Do Die in Hot Cars, And No Wonder

Dogs do die in hot cars. So, how hot does it get? There are all kinds of charts out there, if it’s this temperature in 10 minutes – it gets that hot…Seems some of those charts might exaggerate, so I thought I’d find out for myself.      

June 6 2016


The American Veterinary Medical Association and Global Lyme Alliance are partnering on the StopLyme public education campaign.  Here’s what human medicine and veterinary medicine agree on, because it’s fact: Tick numbers are not only on the rise, but tick species’ territories are expanding. And where there are more ticks, there’s more tick disease in dogs…

June 2 2016

HSUS and Feds Break Up Dogfighting Ring

The Humane Society of the United States  (HSUS) led the charge as nine people have been charged with participating in an interstate dogfighting conspiracy June 1. The case was called “Operation Grand Champion,” and was led by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Environment and Natural Resources Division in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Office of the Inspector General, the Department of Homeland…

June 2 2016

FIP Potential Breakthrough at Kansas State

FIP or feline infectious peritonitis is actually not an infectious disease, despite its name. However, the corona virus which mutates in some cats into FIP, is very infectious. If there is no enteric corona virus, there’s no FIP.  No one knows why most cats are able to easily fend of the relatively benign corona virus…

May 27 2016

Dog Trainers Who Get It Right

Canine Principals is a blog, apparently based in the UK, that does a great job writing about all things dogs and dog training. One recent post – which I think is brilliantly fun – 10 Reasons Why Not to Follow (Dog Whisperer) Cesar Millan, authored by Sally Gutteridge. I can go further – and want to elaborate…

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