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Cats Are Safer Indoors Only

At a time when outdoor cats are coming under attack, I defend humane treatment of outdoor cats and support humanely minimizing their numbers implementing trap-neuter-return….Still,  I do want to point out that it’s important that we keep cats indoors only in the first place. We don’t allow dogs outdoors to roam neighborhoods; we should –…

No More Unemployed Cats

Tree House Humane Society Cats at Work Project relocates cats previously spay/neutered and vaccinated for rabies to areas to where businesses leaders or public officials haven’t found another workable solution to an explosion of numbers of rats. On WGN Radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World, Listen HERE to Paul Nickerson, Tree House manager of of the…

New Dog Flu: New Vaccination Makes Sense

Dog flu was the big pet story of 2015. It might also be the big story of 2016, if not enough dogs are vaccinated. Dr. Natalie Marks explains this flu identified in 2015 in the U.S. is called H3N2, and may be more serious in more dogs than the dog flu that settled in the…

Pet Friendlier Vaccinations

Vaccines get kind of a bad rap – but without them, we’d have a lot of sick pets, and outbreaks of illness, sometimes fatal illness. Dr. Kyle Malter, veterinary technical services manager at Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) says the pharmaceutical company which makes vaccines is even concerned about over-vaccination, and the most comfortable vaccines for pets. Following…

No Hugging of Pets? I Say 'It Depends'

To hug or not to hug, that is the question. Based on Stanley Coren’s piece “The Data Says Don’t Hug the Dog!” appearing in Psychology Today, there’s been lots of national press about why you shouldn’t hug your dog, and how hugging creates anxiety. Some follow up stories have headlines like “Dogs hate hugs!” or “Never…

TNR Feral Cats: Illinois DNR Call: 'Vote No'

Feral cats and Illinois pets lose, as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) somehow has the political pull to force a hold House Bill 4671. The DNR told legislator to note ‘NO’ on the bill, which supports continued dollars for spay/neuter, and support for community (feral) cat TNR (trap-neuter-return) programs.  I was able to…

Feral Cats and Rats: John Kass Has a Plan

Chicago Tribune superstar columnist John Kass and I debate on the topic of feral or community cats, as Kass calls me a feral cat denier. And calls my columns refuting his fiction “pithy.” HEAR my conversation with John Kass on the WGN Plus The Chicago Way (my conversation with Mr. Kass kicks off at 22:30) Kass…

Chicago Can Be a No Kill City: Politics Tonight

Can Chicago be a No Kill city? Alderman Ray Lopez (15th ward) and Alderman Ed Burke (14th ward) believe so – and I agree. Lopez and I appeared on Politics Tonight with Paul Lisnek to talk about that, and also a proposal to ban tethering dogs (for two hours or more), and another proposal to…

Chicago Considers Anti-Tethering Ordinance

Chicago is one of the few cities where it’s technically illegal to tie-out your dog in front of Starbucks or a convenience store. I participated to write this into city ordinance several years ago. Now, Ald. Ray Lopez (15th ward) is supporting an addition,  to make it illegal to “stake out or tie out (or…

Better Plan For Feral Cats, What Is It?

TNR (trap neuter return) of feral cats may not be a perfect system, but it works. If there’s a better plan, let’s see it! John Kass, Chicago Tribune columnist, has been assailing outdoor cats, calling them “familiars of satan” (I’m not certain what that means, but it doesn’t sound kind) and suggesting they kill billions…

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