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May 24 2016

Lyme Disease Symptoms in People and in Dogs

LYME DISEASE IN PEOPLE: The symptoms of Lyme disease in people vary and may appear in stages. Please note the following is not meant to be an exhaustive list of symptoms. Also, it’s important to understand that ticks enjoy sharing and might infect a person with Lyme and also anaplasmosis and/or still another of many…

May 23 2016

Illinois Governor Targets Cats

The state of Illinois is a mess. I am not being political – just honest. It’s made national news that the State has operated without a budget for nearly a year, schools have suffered, at some colleges enrollment is now down. In particular, non-profits serving at risk individuals with various needs, have been shut out.…

May 23 2016

Snakes Rule in a Chicago Neighborhood

Whatever happened to that old adage, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of  their appointed rounds.” In Rogers Park, an urban north side Chicago neighborhood, there’s what some are calling an infestation of garter snakes. And some postal carriers are refusing to deliver the mail…

May 22 2016

Alderman Lopez: Wants a Humane Chicago

The Poop Patrol with Alderman Ray Lopez (15th ward) on WGN Radio. Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World as he expresses his concerns about the new proposed pick up the backyard poop ordinance….but first – The Blue Buffalo Company gifted $6 million for the Clinical Trials Office at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary…

May 18 2016

National Dog Bite Prevention

Dogs are too often unsupervised in backyards, so postal carriers have forever been a victim of dog bites. Of course, some savvy delivery personnel carry dog treats. Instead of barking in fear (more common than protection), the dogs look forward to their appearance. Prevention is important – it would seem obvious. Not only so prevent…

May 18 2016

Pet Meets Baby: Pet Bite Prevention

National Dog Bite Prevention Week is May 15 to 21, from the American Veterinary Medical Association. These are notes I give on a talk at conferences regarding bringing home babies to homes with pets, how to acclimate pets to babies and also to young children.  People have called their veterinarian because their dog is acting…

May 13 2016

Animal Abuse Registry Doesn't Go Far Enough

An animal abuse registry is a great idea, but do these registries go  far enough? I don’t believe so. What I believe we need most to protect animals from bad guys – both bad guys selling and bad guys purchasing animals is to somehow control online sales. Online sales of animals is like the Wild…

May 12 2016

Steve Dale Named to SPCA Puerto Vallarta Advisory Board

I was introduced to the SPCA Puerto Vallarta in 2014, a place that saves not only lives of animals but also saves their souls. More than a shelter, this is a true sanctuary. With other Mexican facilities already providing homeless animals to locals, the SPCA Puerto Vallarta mostly adopts to people in Canada and the…

May 11 2016

Animal Abuser Registry Passes in Cook County

The Link between animal abuse and violent crimes committed to people is inextricable. Cook County has done something about it, which will benefit people as well as hopefully lower opportunities for abuse animals, and discouraging the crime in the first place. Led by Cook County Commission John Fritchey, the Cook County Board Law Enforcement Committee…

May 11 2016

Veterinarian and Doctor Talk One Health: Tick Disease

Chicago Veterinarian Dr.Natalie Marks of Blum Animal Hospital and human pediatrician and infectious disease specialist Dr. Patricia DeLaMora in New York City get together to talk about a One Health initiative, regarding tick disease – specifically Lyme Disease, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE to their conversation regarding what to do to…

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