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Articles: feral cats

January 28 2020

Can the Corona Virus of Dogs and Cats Spread to People?

Q: “With all the concerns regarding the corona virus, I know that dogs and cats can get the corona virus. Can people get sick from these corona viruses from our pets?” J.S., Kansas City, MO.   A: That’s a great question, let’s begin here. A vaccine is available to prevent canine coronavirus infection in the first…

October 25 2019

Domestic Ferrets Are Domestic

Ignorance is the only word I have to possibly describe the response of the California Fish and Game Commission earlier in October when Pat Wright, of and longtime ferret advocate again asked the Commission to designate that domestic ferrets are indeed – as their names implies – domestic. He said, “We all know domestic…

January 4 2019

Pete the Vet

Dr. Pete Wedderburn, or as this media star in the UK is known at Pete the Vet and I talk on Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show chat about International Cat Care.(i-CatCare)  iCatCare is a non-profit with a vision to help all cats that are treated with care, compassion and understanding. Here’s where you can sign…

August 20 2018

U of I Springfield Mandates End to TNRV Community Cat Program

I’m unsure I was aware of the University of Illinois at Springfield even existing.  I certainly wasn’t aware of their community cat program. Now, according to a report in the Springfield State Journal Register, no one will any longer be allowed to feed or tend to the cats, which had been trapped and spay/neutered, vaccinated…

May 3 2018

Cat Killer Appeal Fails, But May Now Practice Veterinary Medicine

A Texas court has rejected appeals from Austin veterinarian Dr. Kristen Lindsey, who lost her veterinary license for a year after shooting an arrow through the head of a cat named Tiger. Lindsey is the veterinarian who posted on her Facebook page an image of cat impaled by the shaft of the arrow which she…

March 16 2018

Mexico's El Dorado Royale Resort Treats Cats Right

Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR) is the right thing to do. By “fixing” and vaccinating cats, humane population control occurs. The cats are fed and often looked after by caretakers. Attempting to adopt cats that are truly feral isn’t a fair proposition. Because they’re terrified in shelter settings, they are less adoptable and more susceptible to illness. Feral…

February 20 2017

What Happened to Most Humane State Status?

What’s wrong with Illinois? Once the state that won awards for animal protection and for being the most humane state, no longer. I suppose, It’s one thing to get up before dawn, and to go out hunting for water fowl or deer. To stalk the quarry, and if you are lucky to shoot and kill.…

December 7 2016

Speaking Out on Kristen Lindsey Case

Dr. William Folger speaks out about regarding his expert testimony in the trial of Dr. Kristin Lindsey, offering a better understanding of what really did happen. Lindsey is the veterinarian who posted on her Facebook page an image of cat impaled by the shaft of the arrow which she shot April 17, 2015. In the…

October 30 2016

Halloween Pet Safety, Cubs, Stray Cats on WGN Radio

It begins on Steve Dale’s Pet World with the Chicago Cubs chances, as you can listen HERE for my discussion with newsman Schwanee about a text from a pal, Craig, I received indicating there’s still a shot. After all, if other teams can come back from being three down, why not the Cubs. I talk…

October 24 2016

Dr. Bill Folger First Interview on the Cat Shooting Veterinarian

First on this edition of Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio, Listen HERE the group, the Washington’s sing their way into newsman Dave Schwaney’s heart. I first talk baseball, and the Cubs winning the the NLCS with Schwaney and sportcaster Andy Mazur. Do the Indians or Cubs have better starting, since they both have great closures…

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