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Community Cats, Putting Cats to Work with Anne Beall

Cats without owners number more or less about the same in number as those who are cared for, according to Anne Beall, author of Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats.  Listen HERE to Anne’s conversation on WGN Radio on Steve Dale’s Pet World about her book and what she’s learned about feral/stray community…

Community Cats Author on Steve Dale's Pet World

Community Cats: A Journey into the World of Feral Cats is hot off the press, and the book’s author Anne Beall will be on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio, 6:35AM Sunday, September 28. Listen HERE or 720AM. Oh rats! That’s how it began – living on Chicago’s near north side the vermin were everywhere. A…

Feral Cats Unfairly Maligned

Dogs are man’s best friends, but cats have a target on their backs. The latest to take aim was Richard Conniff in a New York Times op-ed piece March 21 headlined, “The Evil of the Outdoor Cat.” He takes aim at feral cats, in particular. So, now cats are evil. Sounds like the Middle Ages, when…

Tree House Stray Cat Strut

The Eighth Annual Stray Cat Strut is June 22, starting at Tree House Humane Society. 1212 W. Carmen Ave. With every step you take – you will indeed help a cat. and potentially save cats’ lives… particularly the contingent of special needs kitties at Tree House (as demonstrated in the video below). Also, dollars raised will help the Tree…

BlogPaws Experts Answer Reader Pet Questions

TYSON’S CORNER, VA — These selected questions were answered by experts attending the BlogPaws Conference 2013 here May 16-18. Over 500 pet bloggers and writers gathered to learn more about using social media to educate pet owners. Q: My 1-year-old Dachshund is lovable, but won’t stop peeing in the house, no matter how many times…

Without Cats, Birds Would Suffer So Would We

What would happen if all the world’s cats vanished? That’s the question posed by Natalie Wolchover on the Mother Nature Network.  And it’s a particularly relevant question since several ‘bird groups’ have recently and repeatedly pursued lots of press alleging that innocent wildlife is being exterminated by community cats. The allegation is that songbirds are…

Coyotes in the City: Are Pets Safe?

Coyotes terrify people. Here’s a comment and question relating to coyotes and pets form my Tribune Media Services newspaper column. Increasingly, I’m receiving questions about cats or dogs being killed by coyotes. I undersand the anger, but believe it may be misplaced. Perhaps, pet owners should be angry at themselves for allowing small dogs in…

Talking Breed Ban In Chicago, Again….STOP! BSL Doesn't Work

Whenever something like this happens – some members of the public over-react, and public officials respond in kind – well meaning….but not effective. Banning a breed (Pit Bull-type dogs always among them) never solves a thing. It’s a response – but not an effective one, not hardly. The owner of the two Pit Bulls that…

Feral Cats Succeed at Cat Show, But Attacked by American Bird Conservancy

A group of feral cats and kittens stole the Prairie Feline Fanciers cat show on September 24, 25 in Winnipeg MB Canada.  A contingent of former alley cats rescued by Craig Street Cats took 29 of 100 ribbons available for household pets according to Wire Service Canada  In addition, three of ten judges selected one…

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