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January 9 2021

Enriching Cat Lives

As long as the cat can’t really get to the fish, for cats this is more entertaining that Jimmy Fallon Well, for cats that is. It’s important to engage cats and to create ways which they can engage themselves. VG making sure all his fish friends get something to eat 😽♥️ — black lives…

August 14 2016

Simon's Cat Not Smarter than the Average Fish

Can a fish be smarter than Simon’s cat? Maybe….

May 24 2016

Diego is Drinking from Fish Tank

Q: Is it ok for Diego to drink to water from the fish tank? C. H., Cyberspace A: It’s a mystery as to whether Diego is a dog or a cat, still emergency veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser of Lebanon, NJ of the American Animal Hospital Association can offer advice because for the most part it…

February 18 2016

Responsible Pet Owners Month

February is responsible Pet Owners Month. But what does that mean exactly. Listen HERE to my conversation with Dr. Nancy Soares, incoming president of the American Animal Hospital Association from my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. We chat about choosing the right pet for your family, and talking about the idea about having…

August 26 2015

Drinking from Fish Tank: A Good Idea?

Q: Is it OK for Diego to drink from the fish tank? — C.H., via cyberspace A: It’s a mystery as to whether Diego is a dog or cat, but emergency veterinarian Dr. Heather Loenser, of Lebanon, NJ, can offer advice because, for the most part, it doesn’t matter. “A salt water tank might be…

March 18 2014

Global Pet Expo

Global Pet Expo, largest pet trade show, March 12-14, Orange County Convention Center Orlando, FL featuring about 1,000 exhibitors, about 3,000 booths and as many new products. The American Pet Products Association show attacked dozens of journalists who blog and broadcast about pets as well as several celebrities including baseball and animal welfare legend Tony LaRussa and…

November 9 2013

Zoobiquity Means One Health, Steve Dale's Pet World

It’s been called one health or comparative medicine, and now the in-vogue term is Zoobiquity to describe the intersection where human and animal medicine meet. The 3rd Zoobiquity Conference was held in New York City on November 2, attended by nearly 400 veterinarians, physicians, students and various health professionals at both Rockefeller University and the…

September 6 2013

Animal Control Director with Steve Dale WGN, and Brilliant Dr. Dunbar

Steve Dale’s Pet World features the first radio interview with Sandra Alfred, executive director of Chicago’s Animal Care and Control at 1:05 p.m. CDT. There’s tons to talk about, as Sandra took over – frankly a mess – and now has CACC moving in the right direction.  Alfred is also the current President of  the…

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