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September 8 2020

Mail Disappears: You Won’t Believe Why

Receiving mail is an issue for some, including a Toxy, Alabama family that wasn’t receiving their mail. Now, if this happened to you what would you do? You may complain to the local post office and that is exactly what the family did. After a wait of 30 minutes to see the local postal person…

August 21 2018

Goats on the Lam

What do you do when you’re trying to run a commuter train service, and this happens? Fortunately, the portion of the Sea Beach line the goat pair chose for their grazing has been closed to train traffic for station rehabilitation. They did, however, get a bit too close for comfort to an electrified third rail.…

December 9 2017

Dog Saves Nine Lives in California Wildfires

It’s not easy to find any positives out of the California wildfires. This story goes back to the October (2017) fires, and the one involving Santa Rosa. A Great Pyrenees appropriately named Odin (after a brave Norse God) saved nine lives. They weren’t exactly human lives, but does that matter?

September 21 2014

Goats on Train Tracks

Why did the goat cross the railroad tracks? Railway authorities in Catalonia, Spain are investigating after a herd of 17 goats mysteriously wound up in an underground train station in the city of Terrassa. Surprised commuters snapped photos and posted videos online as they watched the goats delicately pick their way along the tracks. The…

December 19 2012

Goats Jingle Bells

Dancing festive goats to Jingle Bells.

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