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Articles: Good Dog!

December 13 2014

How Do Dogs Think?

Q: I’ve read your column for many years, and I’m wondering if you’ve written anything else, say a book, that might help me understand how my three dogs think? If so, where can I buy it? — P.F., Winchester, KY A: For starters, you’ve given me a reason to promote my two current books, both…

November 8 2014

35 Years Ago You Wrote 'Good Dog,' I Want Your Latest Book

Q: Many years ago, I used your ebook “Good Dog! Practical Answers to Behavior Questions” to guide me. Now, 35 years later, I’m getting a new dog. Where can I find your latest book? — M.V., via cyberspace A: Actually, “Good Dog” was published only three years ago, in 2011. Either you are doing your math…

February 26 2014

Merrick Pet Food Decoding Your Dog

Merrick Pet Food gave away copies of “Decoding Your Dog,” authored by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, which I co-edited with Dr. Debra Horwitz and Dr. John Ciribassi. It was a virtual give-a-way on Facebook. Selected fans will also received copies of my ebooks, “Good Dog!” and “Good Cat!” The great Betty White wrote the…

August 9 2013

Sniffing Dog Pee; Cat Heart Disease; Biting Kitty; lst Dog Book: Reader Questions Answered

Q: I must thank you for your informative radio show and your Facebook page. You mentioned once on the radio the information dogs gather from smelling pee. I’m wondering what that is! — J.N., via Cyberspace A: No one knows for sure what dogs can learn by sniffing one another’s urine because none of us…

June 29 2013

Ovarian Cancer & Pets; Dogs Saving Grapes; Revolucion Welcomes Dogs: Steve Dale's Pet World

Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA), Vallie Szymanski, executive director and co-founder and Dr. Kris Junkas talk about how and why OCSA has partnered with veterinary medicine on Steve Dale’s Pet World, 1:05 CST on WGN Radio, 720 AM or on June 29. OCSA is a Chicago non-profit launched in 2010 to educate the public…

April 8 2013

Betty White, 'We've Come a Long Way In the Animal World'

Betty White scoffs at the notion of being the most trusted person in America. “That’s so silly,” she says. She laughs when being compared to the late news anchor Walter Cronkite, who once held that same throne for many years. “I’m just an old broad who’s been around the block. People can’t get rid of…

February 2 2013

Steve vs. Steve: Bertrand and Dale on Pets

Steve Bertrand on WGN Radio interviews me…In part, the idea to support my ebooks, “Good Dog” and “Good Cat.” On the air, Bertrand has been a sort of a pet-lover’s nemesis, even in this interview suggesting that if you love pets you may not love people so much. Here’s a clearly intelligent and well-read guy…

October 26 2012

Bill Leff WGN Podcast: Obama and Service Dogs; Pets on Halloween; Fixing Werewolves and More

I talk about a wide variety of topics with Bill Leff of WGN Radio. LISTEN HERE Bill Leff  was a problem for me….I couldn’t stop laughing….Always enjoy appearing on Bill’s show – but my stomach hurt by the time this guest shot was over. I seriously did speak about the VA’s sudden suspension of support of service…

August 9 2012

Pet Books for Summer, from Solider Dogs to a Cow Kitty

Here some summer pet book reads – everything from touching and true stories of hero dogs to understanding the science of what animals can teach us about human health to a sweet kids book about adopting one special cat who looked like a cow. And, of course, if you’re a Kindle, Nook or Ipad person…

May 24 2012

Steve Dale, Pet Behavior on WLS-TV News

Talking about behavior issues (that is in pet behavior) with Judy Hsu on the WLS-TV Morning News:

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