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Articles: Good Dog

Cheap Reader, Do I Have the Ebook for You, 'Good Dog'

Q: Call me cheap, but I’m not spending my hard-earned money any longer on pet books. You once mentioned on the radio a good, affordable e-book on dogs, available for Kindle. That’s what I want. What’s the title? — J.B., Cyberspace A: Diamond Jim Brady, I have just the book for you: “Good Dog! Practical…

Answering Pet Questions with Bill Moller, WGN Radio

I join Bill Moller on WGN Radio every Saturday morning at 10:30 AM CDT. LISTEN TO THE SEGMENT HERE On this date, Bill salutes me…We also discuss the Tree House Humane Society’s Kitten Shower and Famous Fido’s benefit.  Also, home HomeAgain Pet Recovery Service has recovered 1 million pets! Calls on these topics: Dogs who…

Bill Leff Talks Pets

It’s late night (actually early morning) – so in case you missed my WGN Radio visit with Bill Leff, click HERE to listen. Bill says that I am one of his favorite guests – Well, he’s one of my very favorite hosts, so there! You’ll hear: What I think of a TV channel for pets…

I Hope My Books 'Good Dog!' & 'Good Cat!' Make a Difference

For 17 years, I’ve been answering your questions in my Tribune Media Services newspaper column. That’s about four questions and answers a week; if my math is correct that’s a grand total of over 3,500 questions and answers. I’ve compiled a sort of ‘best of’ those Q & A’s into two just published ebooks, “Good…

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