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October 14 2019

The Tortoise and the Hare or Rabbit on WGN Rado

On Chicago Marathon morning I thought about the story of the tortoise and the hare – so we spoke about tortoises and hares (rabbits) HERE on WGN Radio Steve Dale Dale’s Pet World.  My guest, Dr. Byron De la Navarre, past President of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians and is considered a world expert…

July 30 2019

Dr. Mark Goldstein – Versatile Veterinarian Has Done It All: From Elephants to Shelter Dogs

Dr. Mark Goldstein is as versatile as a veterinarian can get, with the longest book title ever: “Lions and Tigers and Hamsters: What Animals Large and Small Taught Me About Life, Love, and Humanity.” He’s done it all: collecting semen from rhinos (which he explains) and a lowland gorilla, he was once nearly killed by…

August 28 2017

Are Hamsters Disposable?

Is a hamster’s life less meaningful than a dog’s or cat’s life? I don’t think so. On one of those neighborhood news forums, someone posted that she has two hamsters in need of a good home because her daughter has “gone through that phase.” I typically don’t post on these sites, but I was motivated…

April 25 2014

Pet Peeves, Hearing Your Voices

It’s that time again to hear from readers, and you do have a lot to say! Keep those emails coming to [email protected] READER COMMENT: Puppy mills are deplorable. I’m glad to see so many cities banning pet stores from selling dogs and cats from these places. I own a pet store and I know where…

January 27 2014

Pets in America: Are Values Out of Whack?

Q: With the number of impoverished children in America and around the world, how can you support spending money on pets? I guess that’s America: Let children starve while you buy $100 dog collars. Your values are totally out of whack. — C.C., via cyberspace A: Pets augment our lives. As far as I know,…

December 11 2013

Pet Gifts for Holidays

Increasingly, pets get holiday gifts, not only from their immediate families but also from friends and relatives. When attending a party, in addition to the traditional hostess gift, guests often tote a present for the resident pet(s). Here are a few ideas for pets for the Howlidays: (© Tribune Content Agency, LLC; Steve Dale PetWorld,…

March 4 2013

Pet Owners Talk To Me

Once again, here are some of your comments on recent columns, even comments relating to issues I’ve discussed on my national radio Steve Dale’s Pet World. Thanks for listening, and for writing. I enjoy hearing from you! COMMENT: In love with a cat? In love, really? I’d like to tell that person to marry the…

December 16 2012

Hamster Jazz Band

Hamsters play jazz….not sure they are really playing, but no matter. We need something to lighten the mood, I thought. I must concede I had never before seen jazz playing hamsters.

November 17 2012

Bill Moller/Steve Dale's Pet Photo Page: The Cutest Critters Ever

How cute, how darling, how scrumptious is your pet? Bill Moller of WGN Radio and myself want to see. So Bill set up a WGN Listener Pet Photo Page. I appear most  Saturday mornings at 10:30 AM on 720 WGN Radio with Bill, answering your pet behavior questions. Bill decided that it’s about time we…

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