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Double Defense Against Heartworm and Feeding Cats on Steve Dale's Pet World

I’m thinking about mosquitoes that carry heartworm, so I talk with “Dr. Flea,” veterinary parasitologist Dr. Michael Dryden, HERE on my WGN Radio Show, Steve Dale’s Pet World. As the weather warms, fleas are hopping into our lives, and mosquitoes begin to buzz about. The Centers for Disease Control has been all about directly dealing with…

AVMA on Preventive Care for Pets, Double-Defense Against Heartworm on WGN

It is truly an honor to talk with the CEO of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Dr. Janet Donlin, about preventive care for pets on WGN Radio. Listen HERE as Dr. Donlin talks about catching illness earlier. And, today there are more tools to do that, like an inexpensive blood test called SDMA, which identifies…

Protect Your Dog From Heartworm

Mosquitoes just need a bit of water for reproduction. Even in dry, desert-like climates, like Las Vegas, they’ve found ways to use human activity to help them reproduce in hotel fountains or suburban retention ponds (mosquitoes need to lay eggs in water, so even rivers, ponds, puddles, or bird feeders will suffice). The pesky critters…

From West Nile to Heartworm, Increase in Mosquitoes Causing Problems

Health officials say the West Nile virus has been detected in mosquitoes in Washington, Illinois, throughout much of California, and even in Las Vegas, where mosquitoes would seem to be less common. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 44,000 cases of the West Nile virus have been reported in the U.S. since 1999. Of…

Double-Defense Against Heartworm: It's About Time

Warm weather, rain, and humidity: Mosquitoes love it all, and the flying bugs are more than annoying, they carry (among other things) potentially deadly heartworm disease, which they can spread to dogs. On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World, hear distinguished professor of veterinary parasitology at Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Dr. Byron Blagburn talk…

Heartworm Prevention Is Necessary

Dr. Tracey Jensen, past president of the American Animal Hospital Association, describes heartworm disease and how our pets can become infected. She explains that, as adults, the worms are like angel hair pasta, winding around the hearts and lungs of dogs. There can be dozens—even 100 or more—of these worms, making dogs quite ill. In cats,…

Heartworm Awareness: Double Defense

If there is a season for heartworm, it’s here. Dr. Michael Paul has an intimate relationship with mosquitoes, who are responsible for everything from Zika in people to heartworm in dogs. Listen HERE from my national Steve Dale’s Pet World as Dr. Paul offers a quick 101 course on mosquitoes. Here are some facts: Dogs typically get…

First Generic Drug to Treat Heartworm

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today announced the approval of Diroban (melarsomine dihydrochloride), the first generic drug to treat heartworm disease in dogs. Heartworm disease is caused by a thread-like parasitic worm called Dirofilaria immitis. The worms are called heartworms because the adult worms live in the heart, lungs, and associated blood vessels of…

Veterinarians Endorse Double Defense to Protect Against Heartworm; Tick Diseases in Cats and More

Sanford, NC. Veterinary superstar speakers convened on the small town of Sanford, NC (not far from Raleigh Durham) at the North Carolina Academy of Small Animal Medicine, November 2. As the Zika virus in people and heartworm in dogs is an increasingly common problem, mosquitoes (which carry both diseases) were a large part of the…

Best Mosquitoes Are Dead Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes have been in the news for spreading the Zika virus – but the hit list is of mosquito spread illness is far longer and include but aren’t limited to West Nile Encephalitis, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, St. Louis Encephalitis, LaCrosse Encephalitis and chikungunya fever and Dengue fever. Mosquitoes also spread potentially deadly heartworm to dogs…

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