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Mosquito Eradication Killing Bees

In some places mosquitoes weren’t as bad as expected over the summer, in other places worse. Where there are mosquitoes, there may be Zika is some places in the south, but other diseases as well, such as West Nile Encephalitis. Earlier this month, mosquito eradication efforts in South Carolina, went horribly wrong, according to several…

Double-Defense Against Heartworm

Mosquitoes spread disease to us and to dogs. And Dr. Mike Paul, who resides in the Caribbean, knows this very well. On my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, listen to Paul as he says, in dogs we’re concerned about potentially deadly heartworm, and a Double Defense protection (a product in addition to traditional…

Double-Defense Against Heartworm

Heartworm disease is preventable or it should be but what we’re doing today clearly isn’t working. From 2013 to 2015, according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council, there’s been a 166 percent increase in cases of the potentially deadly mosquito spread heartworm disease in dogs. Until now, heartworm protocol hasn’t changed. At a press conference…

Zika Is Here! How Dogs May Help

Due to the Zika virus, the CDC is warning pregnant women to avoid traveling to a small community just north of downtown Miami, FL where Zika is actively circulating. The warning came after 10 additional people in Florida were found to have been infected with Zika virus after being bitten by local mosquitoes, bringing the total…

Banfield State of Pet Health 2016

Banfield the Pet Hospital offers the State of Pet Health annually. With 2.5 million dogs and 500,000 cat patients across their our hospitals, they arguably have the most data in veterinary medicine. On the national Steve Dale’s Pet World, hear my conversation with Dr. Kirk Breuninger, applied research and knowledge from Banfield says the big headline this…

Double-Defense, New Plan to Fend off Heartworm in Dogs

Trivia Question Answer: Mosquitoes. Trivia Question: What living thing is more dangerous than any other on the planet? According to the World Health Organization, over 725,000 people die annually as a result of mosquito transmitted diseases, and millions more get sick each year. Dogs are affected too, as heartworm disease kills many unprotected dogs. But…

Zika Virus and Dogs, And More Parasite Questions

These particularly timely questions about mosquito transmitted disease, and more, are answered by veterinary parasitologist Dr. Dwight Bowman, professor at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. Bowman is also on the Board of Directors of the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), which tracks parasite transmission to pets in the U.S. The mission of the CAPC is to…

Heartworm in Cats

Cats get heartworm disease too. as past president of the American Heartworm Society Dr. Shelly Rubin explains, on Steve Dale’s Pet World, listen HERE.  Do you even know how susceptible cats are to heartworm? If there’s mosquitoes in dogs where you live, there’s mosquitoes in cats – it’s kind of that simple. One difference is…

Heartworm Can Be Devastating, Can Be Avoided

Heartworm is literally killing our dogs. People don’t protect their dogs because they think, “It won’t happen to me,” says Dr. Shelly Rubin, past president of the American Heartworm Society. Listen HERE to my conversation with Dr. Rubin on my national radio, Steve Dale’s Pet World.  Essentially, there are mosquitoes – there’s heartworm. Dogs, cats…

Cat Book Author and the Human-Animal Bond, Steve Dale's Pet World

Her cat inspired her – on this edition of Steve Dale’s Pet World from WGN Radio, Kay Clark joins in – Listen HERE to author Kay Clark “Sebastian & Me: A Right of Passage and Spiritual Journey.” Also, Dr. Heidi Hulon talks about the other side of the human/animal bond. And fun intestinal parasites (actually…

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