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Articles: Human Animal Bond Association

October 23 2020

Easing Pets’ Anxieties on Halloween

Zombies and baby sharks may not appear at the front door as often this year, and for many pets that’s a blessing. While some pets are excited about those visits, others are hesitant – and some are even terrified. Here are some tips regarding Halloween and pets on Halloween: For starters, many pets become frightened…

October 21 2020

Safe Humane Chicago Diamonds in the Ruff

On Thursday, October 29, 2020, Safe Humane Chicago will host Diamonds in the Ruff, a virtual “telethon” and celebration to support healing and second chances for dogs and people impacted by violence and trauma. “Not only do we need everyone’s support for these community programs, especially during this pandemic; but also we feel strongly that…

October 20 2020

Shape Up with Your Best Friend

Shape up with your best friend. THIS is the human-animal bond in action. lovely😊😍🤩❤️ — LovePower (@LovePower_page) October 17, 2020

October 19 2020


Peek-a-Boo! Thank god you're home! — Meriel (@MerielMyers) October 6, 2020

October 18 2020

Petco Stops the Shock; Halloween Pet Safety; New Test for Kidney Disease in Cats

In the midst of a pandemic when competition for sales has never been higher, Petco stood up and stood out and declared they are no longer selling e-collars or shock collars. Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show, as I interview Fear Free Certified National Training Manager at Petco Darris Cooper.…

October 16 2020

Presidents Historically Love Dogs: Not This One

I typically stay away from politics and this post an nothing to do with policy but rather a person’s soul. People who don’t like dogs, and use the word “dogs” as a derogatory term I can’t help but wonder about. Unless someone has been bitten by a dog, lots of studies demonstrate over and over…

October 15 2020

Hey Fauci, Fauci: Pandemic Pet Names

“Here Fauci, Fauci” Fauci is the most popular pandemic pet name. Sometime soon Dr. Tony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease will be running down the street (he’s a jogger) and hear someone calling “Hey Fauci,” and they will mean their dog. Millions of pets are celebrating the pandemic, as…

October 14 2020

Pam Johnson-Bennett: Cat vs. Cat

A two-part conversation on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with the Queen of Cat Behavior Pam Johnson-Bennett on cats getting along with other cats, particularly how to introduce a new cat into the home. Johnson-Bennett just released an updated version of Cats vs. Cat: Keeping peace when you have more than one…

October 8 2020

Human Animal Bond or Animal Human Bond

Being on the Board of Directors of the Human Animal Bond Association (which I encourage you to join, incidentally) we often talk about what we call the human animal bond, but also we take note of the animal human bond. Watch this – that bond works both ways.

October 7 2020

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

With another hurricane making landfall and wildfires continuing out west, disaster preparedness is the topic of conversation with Dr. Doug Kratt, president of the American Veterinary Medical Association on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio show. Bottom line: Being prepared will save pets’ lives. Dr. Kratt says always if you can evacuate with…

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