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July 24 2020

Dr. Mark Russak on the Human Animal Bond: His Fur Babies

At the giant VMX veterinary conference, I bring the microphones and chat with folks for my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show, talking with folks like Dr. Mark Russak.  I begin by asking the impossible question: “What is the human animal bond?” And we chat about the bond. And we talk about “fur babies.”…

July 20 2020

Heroic, Helpful and Caring Cats with Dr. Anne Beall

Dr. Anne Beall is celebrating Heroic, Helpful and Caring Cats: Felines Who Make a Difference in her latest book. She’s all about busting myths regarding what people think about cats. “A cat can be just as connected to you as a dog.” She notes on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show that we…

July 16 2020

Telemedicine: Is it Here to Stay with Dr. Jeff Werber

Telemedicine is here in veterinary medicine. On my national Steve Dale’s Pet World show, I talk with Dr. Jeff Weber about if connected care or telemedicine will survive past the pandemic, and if it is here to stay. Werber says 80 pet parents will rush to Dr. Google first, and that number is growing. People…

July 14 2020

European Dog Data

The European Pet Food Industry (FEDIAF) released their European dog data with the nations with the most dogs for 2019. Russia leads the way with the largest in Europe in 2019 with 16,800,000 dogs. Germany has the second largest population at 10,100,000. The United Kingdom is at the third largest number of dogs at nine million. Other…

July 12 2020

Human Animal Bond Association: JOIN

To be recognized as the leader in the Veterinary Community for advancing the understanding and importance of the human-animal bond HABA is working hard for positive change! 2020 has been a crazy year for all of us in this world, but one thing will never change and that is the human animal bond. If we…

July 11 2020

Dr. Marty “Fear Free” Becker: Our Pets in Today’s World

America’s veterinarian Dr. Marty Becker talks about the Fear Free Initiative, working at home with pets at our side, and during the interview on my national SteveDale’s Pet World radio show we all hear his 16-lb. door bell. Dr. Becker himself actually authored a book called The Healing Power Pets so this is a topic he…

July 7 2020

Chicago Moves to Prevent Sales of Dogs, Cats and Rabbits at Pet Stores Once and For All

No wonder Chicago’s self-proclaimed “animal alderman” Raymond Lopez (15th ward) may have jumped to the defense of pet stores allegedly skirting the law to sell dogs in Chicago. One of the three pet stores still selling puppies is called Pocket Puppies, located at 2479 N. Clark Street in Chicago’s 43rd Ward. According to Reform for…

July 6 2020

Tips on Keeping Pets Safe in Hot Weather

It’s getting hot outside. Here are tips for keeping pets safe in hot weather. Check out this video, which covers these five summer tips: Stay active, but be smart about it. Also, a tip to determine if the pavement is too hot for your dog to walk on. A backyard is no babysitter, especially if…

July 2 2020

Cats and Fireworks

Dogs are generally more willing and able to reveal their emotions to us. Cats may mask how they’re really feeling, or we may misinterpret. When talking about fear of fireworks usually the conversations are dogcentric – but cats can lose their lives in several different ways just because there are fireworks outdoors. Anytime, there’s a…

June 29 2020

Pets and Stress: Are Pets Sensing Our Stress?

Allie Phillips is the CEO and founder of Sheltering Animals and Families Together, which is exactly what’s gone on as a result of the pandemic. We’ve known for a very long time that companion animals can be stress busters. At this time, in particular, according to a Banfield Study, that is certainly true. I on…

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