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January 6 2021

50 Best Cities for Pets

What are the 50 best cities for pets with a focus on rental availability, cost of veterinary medicine and number of pet businesses per capita? has done the math. Finding rental properties that allow pets can be challenging, particularly in income challenged neighborhoods. Some upscale properties actually have amenities to attract people with pets,…

January 4 2021

Punching A Dog is NOT Training, It’s Animal Abuse

Punching a dog repeatedly to establish dominance is animal abuse, period. That’s true, even if a police dog handler is training a police dog as much as it is true for anyone training a pet dog. In Vacaville, CA (midway between San Francisco and Sacramento) this police officer was caught on video “correcting” his dog.…

January 3 2021

Cat Burglar is a Feline

A cat burglar is responsible for a crime wave. The burglar, in Ipswich, England has been swiping pens, children’s books, artwork, sock puppets, even condoms. Cameras caught the thief in-the-act, and neighborhood children have also witnessed this brazen criminal, a 3-year old Siamese-cross. This truly is a cat burglar. Theo, the cat, had reportedly gained…

January 3 2021

Dogs Made 2020 At Least Tolerable

Thank dog we had our canine best friends in 2020. “There ARE angels here on earth – we call them dogs,” Steve Dale

December 30 2020

10 Resolutions for Pets for 2021

Here are my 10 resolutions for pets for 2021 Fear Free: The Fear Free initiative has grown from the little idea that was so brilliant – yet obvious – that it continues to spread across the planet. The notion began with a focus on veterinary professionals addressing emotional well-being, as well as physical health. Our…

December 30 2020

Homeless Man Rushes into Shelter on Fire to Save 16 Animals

The human-animal bond has nothing to do with sex, race or wealth. A homeless man is being hailed as a hero after he risked his life to rescue over a six dogs and ten cats from a fire at W-Underdogs shelter in Southwest Atlanta, GA on December 18. The facility’s owner, Gracie Hamlin, was out…

December 27 2020

Why Positive Reinforcement Dog Training? Clinical Trial for Stomatitis in Cats

2020 was a good for year dog training because Petco made a huge statement by cold turkey stopping the sales of shock or e-collars. And Karen Pryor Certified faculty member and dog trainer Laura Monaco Torelli of Animal Behavior Training Concepts explains HERE on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show that she…

December 25 2020

Pets and the Pandemic: Dr. Aubrey Fine

Aubrey Fne is one of my favorite people….he’s a pioneer regarding understanding why animal assisted interventions work, and the human animal bond. He’s authored many books, is a world renowned speaker (and magician and hockey expert). A licensed psychologist, Dr. Fine is  on the Human Animal Advisory Board at Pet Partners. His practice specializes in…

December 21 2020

When to Visit the ER with Pets

Please – we don’t want your pet landing in the ER with pets around Christmas. And how do you know when it’s an emergency worth of an ER visit? Emergency veterinarian Dr. Ann Turner answers on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. She offers tips on – if the dog or cat did…

December 20 2020

Howliday Pet Advice and Looking Forward to 2021 on WGN Radio

Dr. Natalie Marks offers Great advice – including tips you may not have thought about regarding keeping our pets safe over the Howlidays. Listen HERE as I chat with Dr. Marks on my WGN Radio Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. As lovely and aromatic as lilies are, munching on just a bit can cause…

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