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Malamute May Miss Her Friend

Q: “We had two dogs one 13 and the other 11 years. They never played together. Their only interaction was aggressive. Due to illness, needed to euthanize the 13-year-old dog. Since that day, our other dog, Nadzia, a Malamute, has developed separation anxiety. Whenever we leave, Nadzia howls. It occurred to us that this is…

Tufts at Tech: Vet Students and High School Students Helping Those in Need

Tufts at Tech Community Veterinary Clinic is the nation’s first on-the-job veterinary clinic at a high school developed in collaboration with a veterinary school.  And everyone wins on so many levels. Just for starters Tufts at Tech allows students in the Veterinary Assisting program at the Worcester Technical High School to get real-life hands-on experience…

Dogs Provide Smiles for Girl with Cancer

This gofundme page is asking for money, but also get well wishes frin dogs for 7-year old Emma Mertens, who is fighting a very rare and inoperable brain tumor called DIPG. She’s had two surgeries and is in the process of  six weeks of daily radiation therapy. “If you knew Emma, she’s the most kind,…

Doc Emrick Talks Dogs

I talk on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show with NBC’s NHL legendary broadcaster Doc Emrick about dogs, which turns out to be his second favorite topic next to hockey. We mostly talk about the human animal bond, and the dimension they add to our lives. Emrick talks about his own relationship with…

Millennials Really Love Their Fur Babies

Much maligned millennials are finally doing something right, at least when it comes to their fur babies. Millennials are taking their heads out of their phones and showing up for preventive care for pets more than previous generations. They seem to get it, and cats may benefit even more than dogs. However, their concerns and…

Bella the Siamese Cat May Not Love the New Baby

Q: Bella is a 13-year old Siamese who recently starting peeing outside the litter box, on all the beds. She is showing a few signs of being confused. Bella saw the vet two months ago and the bloodwork was clean. Until recently was an only child. She doesn’t mind the baby butting her occasionally with…

Paul Vallas on Animal Welfare Issues: He Gets It

I’ve never heard a Mayoral candidate say that he understands that a more humane city toward animals means that we may be more humane to one another. And that’s exactly what Chicago Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas says HERE on my WGN radio Steve Dale’s Pet World show. I describe one event that impressed me about Paul:…

They Love Me In Luxembourg! Where’s That?

I receive reports when I send out my blog newsletter of where it’s opened by country.  Often Mexico appears, which makes sense since I have so many colleagues and friends there. I am speaking at the CICA Conference in Mexico City, the third edition of the International Conference of Animal Behavior. I am honored to…

Top Dog Names 2018

According to the self-proclaimed world’s largest dog walking and pet sitting provider, Rover. com, here are the top and most interesting dog names for 2018. Here are the Top-10 male dog names: Max Charlie Cooper   Buddy  Jack Rocky Duke Bear Tucker Oliver Here are the Top-10 female dog names: Bella Lucy Luna Daisy Lola Sadie…

LaSalle University works with Purina to Create a Dog-Friendly Residence Hall

La Salle University announced plans on their website for a dog friendly residence hall, a first-of-its-kind among universities in the Philadelphia region and one of the first of its kind in the U.S. Upperclassmen who choose to live in the existing St. George Hall, may now apply to have an approved dog on-campus as a…

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