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December 1 2020

National Mutt Day

It was once an insult to call a dog a mutt or mongrel. Those days are over. December 2 is a day to celebrate dogs of unknown lineage, it’s National Mutt Day. Odd to believe, but only a few generations ago mutts were thought to be “lesser dogs,” and somehow less intelligent, which is rubbish.…

November 29 2020

Two Legends for Pets in One WGN Radio Show: Dr. Fine, Dr. Ettinger

Gratitude – for having the opportunity not only interview legends, but also calling these two pioneers my friends. And, to learn what they have to say….Listen HERE to both Dr. Aubrey Fine and Dr. Stephen Ettinger on my Steve Dale’s Pet World WGN Radio show. Dr. Aubrey Fine, professor emeritus California Polytech State University, licensed…

November 27 2020

Mask Mandate For Dogs

I saw a dog with a mask – no, no, no! The mandate is that dogs and masks do not go together. If the pet parent was trying to be funny, it’s not. If she was truly concerned about her Boston Terrier getting the Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome-2 (SARS virus) that causes COVID-19, dogs are…

November 26 2020

Thanksgiving Looks Different This Year

Dogs and one cat celebrate Thanksgiving. Remember, keep your pets safe over Thanksgiving.

October 26 2020

Latest on SARS CoV-2 and COVID-19 and Pets

If we can figure out how cats do it, we may learn. It appears cats are surprisingly susceptible to the SARS Corona Virus-2 infection (SARS CoV-2), which causes COVID-19. Don’t worry. This fact doesn’t appear to be bad for cats, and it may benefit us. Once infected with SARS CoV-2, their immune systems kick into…

September 21 2020

Ban Dog Trainer Gellman

How far can a dog trainer go? According to Facebook posts dog trainer Jeff Gellman of Solid K9 Training, Providence, RI has been essentially banned from giving seminars in some nations and cities because he’s downright abusive. Watch videos and decide for yourself. Dog trainers have many views on what is the right way to…

September 16 2020

Aversive Dog Trainer and E-Collar Fan Coming to Chicago Area

I have received many comments (appropriately so) asking what to do about trainers who use clearly abusive techniques like those seen in this video by trainer Jeff Gellman (see post and video below). Living in Chicago, I was notified that Gellman is scheduled present a seminar in suburban Bartlett. Does Chicago want to see this…

September 14 2020

Supporting Diversity and Increasing Access to Veterinary Care

For many years now (about since its inception) I’ve been a participant in the Banfield  Pet Healthcare Industry Summit where important topics relating to your pets are discussed by leaders in the industry. Banfield (and other companies within the Mars family) are not only publicly saying there is a diversity issue within the veterinary profession,…

September 3 2020

Educating Cats About The Pandemic

Educating cats about what it’s like to be in a pandemic, and they appear interested in further education. day 6 of quarantine: my dad gave a talk to the cats about covid-19 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 — 𝐬𝐨𝐟 (@sofiarudyy) March 21, 2020  

July 23 2020

Amazon Concedes What We’ve Always Known: Their Boxes Are For Cats

Do you ever order from Amazon? If so, who are those packages for? They’re not for you, or your children – clearly, the boxes those packages arrived in are for your cat! Amazon’s new sustainable packaging initiative takes cats into mind as well the climate.  Amazon offers six ways to reimagine boxes for (dogs or)…

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