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Dog Lost in Yellowstone Survives 47 Days

Not a Disney movie – this is real life.  A lost dog eluded the wolves and bears in Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park during a 42-day ordeal in the wild that ended  with a happy reunion with her family. Jade, an 18-month-old Australian shepherd, ran off July 23 after an auto wreck. She was missing six…

Children Prefer to Confide in Pets

Children are more likely to confide to a pet about a household crisis, expressing their emotion to the family dog or cat, preferred over a sibling or a friend, and for sure over the parents, according to a study in the U.K. Though the relationship between pets and children as friends and playmates has often…

Best and Worst Places to Live with Pets

WalletHub compared the creature-friendliness of the 100 largest U.S. cities across 16 key metrics. The data set ranges from the minimum pet-care provider rate per visit to the number of pet businesses per capita. The complete ranking of the best places to live with pets: Source: WalletHub  

Veterinarians and Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness

I love the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) Blog. Click HERE to check out the following posts by scrolling down the page… Post #1: Celebrating 5 Years with OCSA Executive Director and Co-Founder Vallie Szymanski. She says, “Susan (Roman’s) dog Bacchus identified her tumor alerting her to her ovarian cancer.  My father was a veterinarian…

Cat Book Author and the Human-Animal Bond, Steve Dale's Pet World

Her cat inspired her – on this edition of Steve Dale’s Pet World from WGN Radio, Kay Clark joins in – Listen HERE to author Kay Clark “Sebastian & Me: A Right of Passage and Spiritual Journey.” Also, Dr. Heidi Hulon talks about the other side of the human/animal bond. And fun intestinal parasites (actually…

Love Our Pets, Protect Our Pets (and Us)

These days, with the human-animal bond being what it is – we share our bed, even our food with our pets. We don’t want them to share their parasites. We need to protect our pets. A surprising number of pet owners have no idea. And  that is what Dr. Heidi Hulon talks about on Steve…

Sebastian & Me: Author Talks Miracles

Kay Clark, author of “Sebastian & Me: A Right of Passage and Spiritual Journey” on my national radio broadcast, Steve Dale’s Pet World.  Listen HERE to my conversation with Kay, talking about miracles that seem to happen to her! She talks about how her cat overcame distress in her life when she needed the support…

6 Reasons For You To Never Tie Out Your Dog

So,  you run inside Starbucks to grab a coffee or the convenience store to make a fast purchase – you want to take a walk with your dog and leave the pup tied up outside. Here are six reasons why you never ever tie out your dog outside: Here are some facts – – Most…

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