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Blackhawks Will Soar Past Ducks, Cats Will Benefit

If it looks like a duck and walks  like a duck, it is a duck. Thanks to renowned human-animal bond expert and author Aubrey Fine, the Winn Feline Foundation’s Ricky Fund is about to earn $50. I began the Ricky Fund after my Devon Rex, Ricky, passed away back in 2001 of feline hypertrophic cardiomypathy…

I Miss My Cat: We Were Inseparable

Q: One day, a cat came to my door, and from the first day he rubbed against me, we were inseparable. He eventually developed kidney stones and I had him put down in 1987. I just couldn’t afford to pay the medical bill. I miss him so much and feel like I let him down…

Canine Military and Police Dog Heroes: Supporting Courage

Owners of retired military and police often don’t have the funds to pay for their care. The Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health) RIMADYL K-9 Courage Program will provide owners of retired military working dogs and retired police dogs a $300 debit card to be used for basic veterinary care. In addition, Zoetis has made $10,000 contributions to both…

Muslims Object to Dogs

Dogs and humans have evolved together. This is fact. It’s not dog lovers who have come to this conclusion, but rather evolutionary archeologists. I am aware that buzz on the Internet is sometimes only that, lots of noise about nothing. But according to Gladstone Institute International Policy Council, in places, Muslims are now protesting dogs,…

What Are Dogs Really Thinking

So, what does this dog think about being on TV?  UK behaviorist Dr. Roger Mugford. was interviewed on the BCC about what dogs know. If you are to believe this video, his dog was thoroughly unimpressed. Here’s the original interview.

Celebrating Retired Police and Military Working Dogs

Here’s the dictionary definition of a hero: “A person admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities, as achieved with altruistic intent. Typically a hero doesn’t boast about his or her achievements.” This definition doesn’t mention that only humans can be heroes, but military working dogs and police dogs fit the description perfectly.…

Dog Finds Owner in Hospital 15 Blocks Away

How far will your dog go for you?  A dog named Sissy ran away from home to find mom. And somehow she did. How could she sniff her out 15 blocks away at Mercy Medical Center Cedar Rapids. How did she know that her ‘mom,’ Nancy Frank,  was in the hospital, or which hospital to…

Dancing Dogs on WGN Radio

World Canine Freestyle Organization  president Anna Schloff is the guest on Steve Dale’s Pet World; listen HERE.  It’s a sport where people dance with their dogs, judged similarly to ice-dancing. We talk about how the Ginger Rogers of the dog world began the sport.  And how this sport is – aside from fun – beneficial to…

Dancing with Dogs at Chicago Dog Show

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen people dance with their dogs. You  haven’t gotten into the cooking sherry, you read this right. In fact, it’s a canine sport called Freestyle. At 1 p.m. on January 31, I will be announcing Dancing event at the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show  dog show. At 6:30 AM…

Holly's Miracle: SPCA Puerto Vallarta

SPCA Puerto Vallarta is more than an animal shelter, it’s like a spa for animals. Here’s what mostly happens, the animals are sent to foster families in the U.S. or Canada, and then successfully adopted. Sometimes they’re adopted directly to families visiting Puerto Vallarta. The bottom line is that the animals that need it receive veterinary…

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