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Dr. Natalie Marks: My Favorite Veterinarian

Veterinarians often have better connections to their clients than human patients have to their own medical doctors. I knew our 15 1/2-year old miniature Australian Shepherd Lucy was declining, but she was holding her own as I left town several years ago to speak at a veterinary conference. A day later, my wife, Robin, phoned…

His Faithful Companions: Aubrey Fine

He didn’t grow up with pets. His mother didn’t even like pets, but psychologist Aubrey Fine sure appreciates their value. “I know there’s a connection that can heal, and it’s a connection we don’t even quite yet understand,” he says. Thirty years ago, Fine was among a select few pioneers working to explain that connection,…

Aubrey Fine on Our Faithful Companions

Aubrey Fine is the author of “Our Faithful Companions: Exploring the Essence of Our Kinship with Animals” (Alpine Publications, Crawford, CO; 2014; $19.95). In a recent appearance on Steve Dale’s Pet World, he says  our relationship with animals may be more powerful than we ever thought. Hear the interview, as Fine recalls a story from…

Why Dogs Hump and Bees Get Depressed, Marc Bekoff

“We know that even fish have emotions,” says Marc Bekoff, author of “Why Dogs Hump and Bees Get Depressed: The Fascinating Science of Emotions, Friendship, and Conservation” (New World Library, New York, NY, 2013; $15.95). “We chose the (book’s) title because it’s an attention-getter. The title also makes the case that some explanations are not…

Decoding Dogs: Five Tips at Western Veterinary Conference

Decoding dogs, here are five tips with veterinary behaviorist Dr. Debra Horwitz and myself. Together; we presented this talk, in conjunction with the book “Decoding Your Dog” authored by the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists, at Western States Veterinary Conference during sessions called WVC Live, Las Vegas on February 17. – Zen dogs – The…

Do Dogs Love Us?

Dogs love us too. This isn’t especially newsworthy to dog owners. But the story has made the news. Scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, GA, reaffirmed that a part of the brain associated with positive emotions, is similar in dogs and humans. Using hand signals to indicate the dogs were about to receive a food…

Animal Assisted Therapy Is Beneficial

Study after study has demonstrated that pets are healthful. I happen to be talking today about the upsides and downsides of the human/animal bond bond  at the North American Veterinary Conference . One upside are the increasing number of studies which to continue to confirm that pets are good for us. A study just published in the…

Pit Bull-mix Saves Woman from House Fire

Dog saves a life, alerting the owner, Debbie White in Sacramento, CA who was in a very deep sleep, of a house fire. And guess what, the dog – named Forest – is a pit-bull mix or thought to be. Really who knows what breed or mix Forest is, and does it really matter? Of…

Homeless Woman's Cats

Janice and her two cats are  homeless and living in and out of shelters at night, spending some days on Michigan Avenue asking for money. I spoke to Janice in October – before the bottom dropped out on the Chicago thermometer. She told me she was hoping to save for enough to move into an…

Service Dog and Blind Man Thrown Off Plane

Service dogs and their handlers have rights, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act – that’s a Federal law. Still, it astounds me as to how often it is ignored. Apparently, the public is generally “getting it.” All 35 passengers on US Airways Flight 4384, last month, walked off the plane after Albert Rizzi, a…

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