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July 6 2016

Fear Free Veterinary Visits

Have you ever felt you are about to die?  I mean that literally, like you’ve been held up at gun point. I’ve suggested for years that too many of our pets at the vet office are feeling like they are being held up at gun point – that they are about to be killed. No…

July 5 2016

Kids Meeting Dogs in Summer: Safety First

Summer is here, and that means meeting more dogs – especially the kids meeting dogs they don’t know. Dr. Heather Loenser of the American Animal Hospital Association has two do’s and two don’t’s. Listen to Dr. Loenser  explain on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. We also talk about little kids who hug dogs.…

July 3 2016

Man Saves Dog; Dog Saves Hummingbird

Inspiring – Story of a man who rescued a dog no one else would take.  The dog proceeds to rescue a hummingbird thought to be dead….and the little bird thrives making Ed Gernon feeling as if he had been rescued. “He was dangerous,” said Gernon of Rex, his shepherd-mix. “He was an animal that had…

July 1 2016

Chicago Animal Control Executive Director Determined and Upbeat

Call it No Kill or whatever you like, Chicago is moving in that direction. And excellent report from Cortney Hall of WGN-TV, and interview with Susan Russell, new executive director Chicago Animal Care & Control. I interviewed Susan Russell on WGN radio in more detail.

June 22 2016

Dog Rescued from Hot Car

One very cute was rescued from a sweltering car in Grand Bend, Ontario Canada on Saturday June 11 after a man used a large rock to smash the vehicle’s window. A Kitchener man who witnessed the events unfolding, says the dog was in rough shape when it was rescued from the car around 6:30 p.m.,…

June 21 2016

A Petpourri of Topics on WGN Radio

I am noted pet expert Steve Dale; here’s a link from a recent appearance on WGN Radio with Bill Leff and substitute host Mike Toomey. Before talking pets, I explain I had the privilege of seeing Mel Brooks at the Chicago Theatre. Bill referenced the Cary Grant story, here it is. Trapped in a hot car…

June 19 2016

Animal Welfare Optimism, If We Are Kind to Each Other

Dogs, cats and other creatures have been in my life now for over 20 years. Personally, I know I’ve made a difference in a good way, everything from coming up with ideas like allowing dogs to come to the ball park (with the White Sox at first, and now replicated around America) to the Dog…

June 17 2016

Dog Dies in Hot Car

Dogs can and do die in hot cars – it’s no joke. Sadly, demonstrating it does happen, and surprisingly fast… A police dog died after its handler left the dog in the back of a patrol car for nearly three hours in Cherokee County, GA. The Cherokee County Marshal’s Office and the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office were…

June 15 2016

More Evidence Regarding Declaw in Cats

Increasingly, it appears fewer cat owners seek to have their cats declawed. Increasingly, organized veterinary medicine discourages declaw (Onychectomy), and increasingly some individual veterinarian refuse under any circumstances to declaw. Other veterinarians will only declaw after all behavior alternatives are tried. There’s no data to absolutely demonstrate, but declaw is likely being done today far…

June 13 2016

World Pet Population Data a Mixed Bag

Pet are not merely an American phenomenon. Also, the data offered here demonstrates that just because pets are treated differently in other cultures, doesn’t mean they’re not loved. It’s all so complicated few overnight simple solutions. So, in Mexico, as one example, dogs and cats are not typically spay/neutered for reasons intertwined with both culture…

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