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Dog Finds Owner in Hospital 15 Blocks Away

How far will your dog go for you?  A dog named Sissy ran away from home to find mom. And somehow she did. How could she sniff her out 15 blocks away at Mercy Medical Center Cedar Rapids. How did she know that her ‘mom,’ Nancy Frank,  was in the hospital, or which hospital to…

Dancing Dogs on WGN Radio

World Canine Freestyle Organization  president Anna Schloff is the guest on Steve Dale’s Pet World; listen HERE.  It’s a sport where people dance with their dogs, judged similarly to ice-dancing. We talk about how the Ginger Rogers of the dog world began the sport.  And how this sport is – aside from fun – beneficial to…

Dancing with Dogs at Chicago Dog Show

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen people dance with their dogs. You  haven’t gotten into the cooking sherry, you read this right. In fact, it’s a canine sport called Freestyle. At 1 p.m. on January 31, I will be announcing Dancing event at the International Kennel Club of Chicago Dog Show  dog show. At 6:30 AM…

Holly's Miracle: SPCA Puerto Vallarta

SPCA Puerto Vallarta is more than an animal shelter, it’s like a spa for animals. Here’s what mostly happens, the animals are sent to foster families in the U.S. or Canada, and then successfully adopted. Sometimes they’re adopted directly to families visiting Puerto Vallarta. The bottom line is that the animals that need it receive veterinary…

Steve Dale's Pet World: Ten Years of National Radio

Ten years of hosting nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World means that by speaking with four to five phone callers each week, I’ve talked with and hopefully helped well over 2,000 pet owners. What’s most important are the dozens of email, and return calls from listeners saying that the advice I’ve offered has helped their…

Lost Dog: Super Bowl Commercial

Many say this is what a Super Bowl commercial should be….personally, while absolutely far, far, far better than the (now removed) and apparently puppy mill supporting GoDaddy spot – the attacking wolf appears here at a time that wolves are beleaguered with an organized effort to hunt them again.  Guess I’m over-sensitized now. What is certain…

SPCA Puerto Vallarta, A Spa or a Shelter?

“The street dogs and cats in Mexico are the lucky ones; at least they can find food in the trash, and maybe beg from tourists,” says Janice Chatterton, founder/president of the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. “I wanted to find a way to help dogs kept tied up on rooftops where I’ve seen the ropes cut into…

Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial Is a Huge Fumble

Shame on GoDaddy. How did this commercial, intended for the Super Bowl ever get made? First, a cute as can be Golden Retriever puppy is tossed unceremoniously from a pick up truck (it’s illegal in many states for dogs to be placed in the bed of pick up trucks). The poor puppy is apparently ok,…

Alderman James Cappleman Understands the Social Value of Pets

Alderman James Cappleman understands the community value simply of people being outside simply walking their dogs. Cappleman is a licensed clinical social worker, so he’s actually researched the issue. Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World to hear the Alderman tell how one woman wouldn’t die until she could said ‘goodbye’ to her dog. And interestingly…

Metra Taking Puppy Step to be More Dog Friendly

Metra may finally be more pet friendly as customers who want to bring their pets along for the train ride may soon be able to do so, at least on weekends, at least on one route. It’s a start, I suppose. The agency said Friday(January 23)  that if its board approves, it expects to begin…

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