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March 22 2016

America is With You Brussels, And So Are the Cats

When the terrorists attacks in Paris last year, citizens throughout Europe were cautioned not to Tweet, mostly for fear of spreading false rumors and intensifying problems. In Belgium, people decided to the #BrusselsLockdown hashtag to post pictures of their pets, mostly cats. The idea was to infuse humor into a horrible situation. It worked – and…

March 19 2016

Cats Miss Us Too

There are many touching YouTube videos of dogs reacting to soldiers returning home. How about cats? Certainly, cats are not dogs, and they may not respond the same way as dogs. . . Cats generally aren’t as effusive. Having said that, cats do respond emotionally. If thee are any doubts, seeing may be believing.

March 8 2016

Are Three Cats A Crowd?

Q: How do I best get our cats to accept one another? We have a 16-year-old named Tyler. Two years ago, 6-year-old Kallie showed up. It took awhile, but they get along fine. After about a year, we heard about a kitten left in a house to starve, so we rescued her, and named her…

March 4 2016

The Champions Demonstrates the Goodness of Dogs

What would for NFL quarterback Michael Vick say about this movie? “They are more forgiving of our species than we could ever be of there’s.” The Champions is an award-winning documentary that follows the story of the dogs confiscated from Bad Newz Kennels owned by Michael Vick. Face the Facts: The is no mistaking that Vick not…

March 3 2016

Park Your Dog, While You Run an Errand

I hate it when people tie-up there dogs outside coffee shops or convenience stores.  Dog Parker founder/CEO Chelsea Brownridge has a new start-up that could help keep dogs safe while you jump into a store. Listen HERE to my Steve Dale’s Pet World interview about Dog Parker, single occupancy smart-dog houses  – a safe place for…

February 24 2016

Safe Humane Means Safe Communities

Cynthia Bathurst, the co-founder of Safe Humane Chicago talks about how this organization has worked to save lives, and support humane communities. A part of the mission is to support and provide humane education for children, which includes busting myths about pit bull-looking dogs. Another is to offer humane alternatives for court case dogs. This…

February 22 2016

Getting Pets to Vets

Reducing anxiety of veterinary visits is a huge issue these days in veterinary medicine….One super program to look for as a cat owner are Cat Friendly Practices from the American Association of Feline Practitioners.  Another, on it’s way, is a initiative referred to as Fear Free. However, even more important is getting the pets there…

February 7 2016

VitaBone Puppygram for Valentine's Day: Pugs and Kisses

VitaBone supports positive reinforcement dog training, so I am happy to support them..and Vita Bone, as a ‘bonus,’ also supports Pet Partners (and I serve on their Human-Animal Bond Advisory Board). I like contest where people pay nothing, and can win something….and this is sweet. Pugs and Kisses: Love for a dog, your dog. Send a…

January 28 2016

Victim of Domestic Violence Flees with Her Dog, Her Life is Saved

Urban Resource Institute (URI) is a New York City non-profit which provides services including housing for people escaping domestic abuse.  In 2013, URI began an innovative co-sheltering program called URIPALS, which allows victims to shelter with their pets. New York resident Jasmine Rivera says URIPALS saved her life. Rivera spoke last fall at a Roundtable…

January 27 2016

Victims of Abuse Provide Safe Haven with Pets

The non-profit Urban Resource Institute (URI) in New York City initiated a test program in 2013 for people to co-shelter – safe from domestic abuse – with their pet(s), called URIPALS. Residents fleeing abuse overwhelmingly said that URIPALS not only allowed a way out, the program provided families a way to stay together, as pets…

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