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Pit Bull-mix Saves Woman from House Fire

Dog saves a life, alerting the owner, Debbie White in Sacramento, CA who was in a very deep sleep, of a house fire. And guess what, the dog – named Forest – is a pit-bull mix or thought to be. Really who knows what breed or mix Forest is, and does it really matter? Of…

Homeless Woman's Cats

Janice and her two cats are  homeless and living in and out of shelters at night, spending some days on Michigan Avenue asking for money. I spoke to Janice in October – before the bottom dropped out on the Chicago thermometer. She told me she was hoping to save for enough to move into an…

Service Dog and Blind Man Thrown Off Plane

Service dogs and their handlers have rights, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act – that’s a Federal law. Still, it astounds me as to how often it is ignored. Apparently, the public is generally “getting it.” All 35 passengers on US Airways Flight 4384, last month, walked off the plane after Albert Rizzi, a…

Things Dogs Teach Us

I thought the perfect video as we kick off 2014. Happy New Year everyone…..

Dogs: Our Best Friends

Coincidence that dog spelled backwards is God? Probably….but dogs and people have evolved together for thousands of years. The result? Watch this video.  

Mr. Benji; Dr. Marty Becker on Sensational TV Report; and On To College on WGN w/Steve Dale

Joe Camp is a hero for animals! I never thought about who might be in a top-10 might be of people who have made a difference for animals that I’ve been honored to meet….Camp would be in that list. Even if you don’t know his name, you know the results of what he’s done. Joe…

Vote for HomeAgain Pet Hero of the Year

HomeAgain judges took your nominations for most impressive heroes for pets. I was among the judges (who included the co-founder of and Sully Sullenberger) who narrowed the list. Now it’s up to you. On Steve Dale’s Pet World, I speak with Karen Kainer Consumer Marketing Manager of Merk Animal Health and HomeAgain who rattles off…

Kitten Means Hope for Homeless Woman

Homeless people are unfortunately omnipresent on Michigan Avenue, and across America. In truth, over time, many of these people begging for money become invisible, especially if you see them everyday. This homeless woman wasn’t invisible. The difference between her and all the others is a little kitten. She told me she was forced out on…

Why Dogs Yawn

You’ve heard it before….Love me, love my dog. The expression might now be yawn and my dog yawns with me. A study from Teresa Romera and colleagues at the University of Tokyo suggests that yawning is contagious – to dogs! If you yawn, your dog might too!  The study, published in the journal PLoS One,…

Chicago Veterinary Emergency; Dog Patch Adoptions; Horse Show: Steve Dale's Pet World

Steve Dale’s Pet World on WGN Radio (720 AMO or listen here….on August 3 (2013) features you – as Dr. Jerry Klein, supervising veterinarian at Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center appears in-studio, at :105 p.m CDT. This is your chance to ask Dr. Klein regarding any medical issues(s) your pet may have, or you…

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