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Articles: human animal bond

January 13 2016

SPCA Puerto Vallarta: A Sanctuary Changing Culture, Saving Lives

On the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, away from the beach sports and tourist hustle and bustle, barking dogs greet visitors to the SPCA Puerto Vallarta,  Dogs and cats are rescued from the streets and sometimes out of abusive conditions. Some are ill and require serous veterinary intervention. At SPCA Puerto Vallarta animals with special needs…

December 16 2015

God Made a Dog

After all, how do you spell dog backwards? Coincidence? Maybe….Every thing in this video is just SO true. (Post suggested by several Facebook friends).

November 15 2015

Family Dog Research Project Decoding What Dogs are Saying

BUDAPEST, Hungary.  Senior lecturer Péter Pongrácz of the Family Dog Research Project at Eötvös Loránd University Department of Ethology in Budapest Hungary has studied how much we ‘get’ what dogs are trying to tell us, based on their vocalizations alone. And it turns out even people who have never had a dog are pretty darn…

November 11 2015

Family Dog Research Project in Hungary Studies Canine Cognition

BUDAPEST, Hungary — So, how much do dogs know? Humans have lived side-by-side with dogs for thousands of years, yet even today this question continues to baffle science. To attempt to dig into dog psyche, Ádám Miklósi founded the Family Dog Research Project in Budapest, Hungary at Eotvos Lorand University, Department of Ethology in 1994.…

October 25 2015

Pets for Vets

Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza talks HERE – on WGN Radio – about Pets for Vets, an initiative to pair shelter dogs needing a home with U.S. veterans who seek help for disorders like post traumatic stress disorder syndrome. With sponsorship from the Fifth Third Bank, and participation from United States War Dog Association and the…

October 12 2015

Dog Rescued by Paddle Boarder

This guy in the UK rescues a dog – out on the rocks –  who otherwise would have drowned when the tide comes in.

October 8 2015

Pets for Vets

I love this program, pairing U.S. veterans with a dog. I was somewhat involved with the last year, as Judy Baar Topinka initiated the program. Another dog lover, Susan Mendoza picked up the. idea and continues support for this great program with Fifth Third Bank and the Anti Cruelty Society. Chicago City Clerk Susana A.…

October 2 2015

Pic or Treat Halloween Costume Contest, Win Dog Treats!

Halloween costume contest for pets  – and an easy chance to win a Vita Bone prize pack! Three steps: 1- upload a picture of your frightful pets 2 -complete a form HERE and then – if you dare – click submit 3- share with friends who have the stomach for it. #HappyHalloween To enter the…

September 30 2015

Orphans of the Storm, Walking on the Wooded Side

Orphans of the Storm (OOTS), announces the grand opening of the new Orphans of the Storm Woodland Preserve on Friday, Oct. 2. The 7.5-acre wooded preserve transforms a previously uncultivated area on the OOTS grounds into a tranquil woodland with circuitous paths where dogs can exercise, bond with potential new owners, all while getting a…

September 24 2015

Pope Francis Has the Right Name, A Mission of 'Tolerance' for All Life

Pope Francis has been on record more than once, supporting the protection of our environment, protecting wildlife, and supporting love of all, and love for all – including pets. . . respecting all that has been created, including the very planet we live on. About a year ago it was reported that Pope Francis recently…

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