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Articles: International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

January 2 2018

8 Resolutions for Pets

Here are eight messages I resolve to attempt to communicate in 2018: Fear Free:  There’s an initiative, called Fear Free, which began among veterinary professionals with the intent to lower the fear, anxiety, and stress of veterinary visits. And, that fear, anxiety, and stress is real. Most cats and many dogs are so terrified of…

May 27 2016

Dog Trainers Who Get It Right

Canine Principals is a blog, apparently based in the UK, that does a great job writing about all things dogs and dog training. One recent post – which I think is brilliantly fun – 10 Reasons Why Not to Follow (Dog Whisperer) Cesar Millan, authored by Sally Gutteridge. I can go further – and want to elaborate…

April 2 2016

Choose Qualified Help for Pet Behavior Problems

Michael Shikashio, president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants chats about the best way to train pets – positive reinforcement. Listen HERE  on my national radio Steve Dale’s Pet World, as Michael explains how to find qualified help for pets with behavior problems. There are veterinary behaviorists, veterinarians with a special interest in…

March 2 2015

Dog Doesn't Like Boyfriend, Cat Attacks, and Flea Fiesta: Your Pet Questions

LAS VEGAS, NV — This week, experts attending the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, NV, Feb.15-19, have answered your queries: Q: My Chihuahua growls constantly at my boyfriend, even snapping at times. My boyfriend does give him treats, or tries to, but the dog is scared. My dog seems to respond this way to…

February 4 2015

Mistaken Communication: What Are Animals Really Telling Us

Is animal behavior sometimes misinterpreted? Arguably, the leading misinterpreters are so-called animal communicators. People are somehow desperate to know what their pet is thinking, particularly if there’s a behavior problem .Inexplicably,  instead seeing a veterinarian or a science-based expert in animal behavior, such as a veterinary behaviorist or certified animal behavior consultant, some prefer the…

November 22 2013

Stopping Cats that Spray: Answering Reader Question

Q: In a past column, you mentioned a product that can deter cats from spraying. What is it? — G.H., via cyberspace A: Feliway is a copy of a comforting pheromone found on cats’ cheek pads. As a cat rubs your leg or a table leg, the pet deposits that pheromone. The spray version of…

June 24 2013

Cat Having Accidents? Assumptions May Not Be Correct

Inappropriate elimination in cats is the most common behavior problem in pets, and an all too frequent explanation for giving up cats….But as certified cat behavior consultant Jacqueline Munera explains, the assumption that the problem is behavior based might not be correct.

June 12 2013

Cats with Accidents Outside the Box: Answering Readers

Q: Cujo stopped using his litter box last week. He’s now using kitchen counters and inside the cabinets to do his business. I’ve always had cats and never encountered this problem before. Please help or I’ll be forced to find Cujo a new home. — M.I., Cyberspace A: First and foremost, see your veterinarian. I…

April 24 2013

Parrot Lovers Mourn, Liz Wilson Passes Away

Liz Wilson was a pioneer in parrot behavior. While she had mixed feelings (at best) about larger parrot species (like Amazons or African grey’s, for example) kept as pets. Still,  she also felt they deserved the best quality of life possible as pets, and worked to educate others to make that happen.. When I received…

April 8 2013

Betty White, 'We've Come a Long Way In the Animal World'

Betty White scoffs at the notion of being the most trusted person in America. “That’s so silly,” she says. She laughs when being compared to the late news anchor Walter Cronkite, who once held that same throne for many years. “I’m just an old broad who’s been around the block. People can’t get rid of…

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