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June 27 2019

Kitten Socialization Classes: A Kitten’s Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Kitten socialization classes are the most unrecognized program for cats. Result may save cat lives and increase feline veterinary visits. I am speaking about this at CatCon – Pasadena, CA Convention Center in a workshop with kittens, cleverly called Kitten Kindergarten Workshop July 29 at 12:45 p.m. and 30 at 11:15 am at the KindredBio Education Pavilion,…

April 19 2018

Kitty Kindies: Socializing Kittens

How can we save cats’ lives? Well, we can get them to the veterinarian. One huge result of kitten socialization classes is that as kittens, they learn to like or even love going inside the carrier. The car ride isn’t so bad because the veterinary visit the kitten is headed to is acceptable, or even…

March 4 2018

Kittens Going to School?

Kittens going to school? Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Kersti Seksel, who initiated Kittie Kindies in Australia, explains the concept HERE on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. I love this idea, and I’ve taught kitten classes myself. Seksel explains the many benefits, including getting cats accustomed to their carriers, the car ride to the…

October 2 2014

Dr. Sophia Yin, Radio Interviews: Perfect Puppy, Kitten Socialization

Dr. Sophia Yin, applied animal behaviorist, was more than a tad special as a person, extraordinarily generous, as well as a talented communicator. She died unexpectedly, September 28 at age 48. Instead of focusing on her loss, I suggest we shine a spotlight on what she did, authoring several books including “Low Stress Handling, Restraint and…

February 28 2013

Pet Questions from Around the World, from Kitten Classes to Pet Beetles

Pet questions from readers around the globe, suggesting our world is getting smaller every day, from my national Tribune Media Services newspaper column. Q: I am a feline/canine behaviourist in France. I am examining the idea of nursery school for kittens, which I believe you have helped to create, called Kitty-K. Can you say how…

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