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Declaw Linked to Behavior and Medical Problems in Cats, According to Recent Study

Declaw may be the most contentious issue in veterinary medicine and also amongst cat lovers. For years now, “catfights” have been breaking out all over the country, which has caused even more acrimony. Why would a veterinarian declaw? And, with increasing science and a new product to hit the market this fall or winter, it’s…

Goodnight Kitty

Warning if you do not like sweets: This video is the sweetest thing in the world.  

Cat Food Recall: 9Lives, EverPet, Special Kitty

Orrville, OH – The J.M. Smucker Company today announced a limited voluntary recall on certain lots of 9LivesTM, EverPetTM, and Special KittyTM canned cat food due to possible low levels of thiamine (Vitamin B1). The issue was discovered by the Quality Assurance team during review of production records at the manufacturing facility. No illnesses related…

When to 'Fix' Cats

It’s a very simple question – one which many veterinarians get asked every day. When do you spay or neuter a kitten? Listen HERE to my national Steve Dale’s Pet World Dr. Brian Holub, chief medical officer at VetCor, as he describes an initiative called “Fix by Five.” He says, “I’m passionate about a new…

Bill To Ban Limits on Pet Store Sales Not Heard

Businesses and Occupational Licenses Committee for the state of Illinois did not hear Illinois HB 2824 as scheduled today (March 8). The bill would prevent communities moving forward from banning sales of dog and cats at pet stores, and also reverse ordinances cities like Chicago and Waukegan previously passed, which limit pet store sales.  When…

AKC Defends Bill Supporting Puppy Mills in Illinois

URGENT: This is scheduled to be heard today. Please act NOW! There’s a proposal to prevent communities in Illinois from limiting pet store sales of dogs and cats in the future and to roll back ordinances that have already been passed to limited pet store sales, previously passed in Chicago, Waukegan, Warrenville and Cook County. Specifically:…

Firefighter Saves Kitten's Life

Don’t tell me that people in Muslim nations don’t care about pets.  Here’s proof – this video of a firefighter giving life-saving CPR to a kitten after rescuing it from a drain. The approximately three-week old kitty was trapped under some wooden boards outside a house in Nilai, Malaysia, when the homeowner reached out for help.…

Do They Really Know What TNR Is, Or They Don't Care?

I was fact, I was the dude the late Dr. Dan Parmer, Cook County veterinarian, came to when he first said he had just attended a Humane Society of the Untied States conference and said “I am finally convinced that Trap-Nueter-Return (TNR) is the way to go.” He asked me to bring a small group of…

FIP Fundraiser, Winn Feline Foundation

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is nearly always fatal, and nearly always happens to kittens. It’s also more common than some believe. FIP kills 1 in 100 to 1 in 300 of all cats under 5-years (mostly under 2-years). The incidence can be five to 10 times greater among young cats coming from catteries and shelters.…

When to 'Fix' Kittens

It’s a pressing question with no good answer – until now. Dr. Lauren Demos, incoming president of the American Association of Feline Practitioners notes everyone agrees cats should be spay/neutered, but there’s no one good answer regarding when to do it. And that’s why a Task Force of experts got together to figure this out,…

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