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TNR Friendly Kittens Should Be Adopted

Trap-Nueter-Return (TNR) has proved to be the most efficient means of controlling feral or community cats. The idea is to humanely trap outdoor cats, bring them into a shelter or veterinary clinic to be spay/neutered, hopefully vaccinated for rabies and then most cats are re-released where they were caught. Obviously being unable to continue reproducing,…

Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day

Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day is August 22. Most kittens often do see a veterinarian, but after that most cats do not and frankly —- be ready —- I think that is animal abuse. Enough playing around, cats are not getting proper care without veterinary care. End of story. And that’s a shame…

No Hugging of Pets? I Say 'It Depends'

To hug or not to hug, that is the question. Based on Stanley Coren’s piece “The Data Says Don’t Hug the Dog!” appearing in Psychology Today, there’s been lots of national press about why you shouldn’t hug your dog, and how hugging creates anxiety. Some follow up stories have headlines like “Dogs hate hugs!” or “Never…

TNR Feral Cats: Illinois DNR Call: 'Vote No'

Feral cats and Illinois pets lose, as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR) somehow has the political pull to force a hold House Bill 4671. The DNR told legislator to note ‘NO’ on the bill, which supports continued dollars for spay/neuter, and support for community (feral) cat TNR (trap-neuter-return) programs.  I was able to…

Choose Qualified Help for Pet Behavior Problems

Michael Shikashio, president of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants chats about the best way to train pets – positive reinforcement. Listen HERE  on my national radio Steve Dale’s Pet World, as Michael explains how to find qualified help for pets with behavior problems. There are veterinary behaviorists, veterinarians with a special interest in…

Unlikely Animal Friends

An orangutan and a dog as best pals makes perfect sense, but how about piglets and a tiger. Sometimes nature is hard to figure out….but adorable. (Thanks to Dennis Damon for the post)  

Dr. Sophia Yin, Radio Interviews: Perfect Puppy, Kitten Socialization

Dr. Sophia Yin, applied animal behaviorist, was more than a tad special as a person, extraordinarily generous, as well as a talented communicator. She died unexpectedly, September 28 at age 48. Instead of focusing on her loss, I suggest we shine a spotlight on what she did, authoring several books including “Low Stress Handling, Restraint and…

Architecture Cruise Benefits Cats'

Chicago’s Canine Cruise from Mercury Chicago’s Skyline Cruiseline was an idea I had, and it’s taken off.  Each year, in return Mercury has given back offering a benefit ride to support homeless dogs. I suggested that fair is fair and that they do the same for cats! And Holly Agra said ‘Why not?’ So, on…

Firefighter Saves Kitten

After fighting a fire – investigating to insure everyone is out, a firefighter spotted a lifeless kitten. Now, watch what happens Warning: Watching this video requires a tissue (or several). A SAD Update – the kitten didn’t make it through the night, due to smoke damage – and succumbed.  The point though, is that oxygen…

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