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Leptospirosis an Increasing Problem

What’s going on with leptospirosis? The bacterial infection, which can be deadly to dogs and even humans, is spreading around the country. In urban areas, the bacteria is primarily spread by rats, but other critters are quite efficient about carrying the illness, including other rodent species as well as raccoon, skunk, and opossum. Unvaccinated dogs spread…

Dr.Alexander, Preventing Dog Flu and Leptospirosis

Dr.Donna Alexander, administrator rabies control, chief veterinarian Cook County and I speak on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio about the canine influenza virus or dog flu. Listen HERE. The dog flu has hit the Anti Cruelty society very hard, even halting dog adoptions. And it’s also at other shelters. Dr. Alexander explains the history…

Leptospirosis Claims a Human Life in NY

Veterinarians might have warned us, as anecdotally they’ve known leptospirosis has been on the rise over the past few years.  In New York City, three people were very recently sickened, one died of this bacterial disease.  Veterinarians have known about increased leptospirosis because of the rise of lepto in dogs, and dogs serve as a…

Prevent Dog Flu and Leptospirosis on WGN

Dr. Joseph Hahn, technical services veterinarian Merck Animal Health and I chat HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN, about the Chicago Cubs before we talk pets, both of us lifelong Cub fans.  I mentioned how touched I was seeing all the family member names written in chalk on the walls (and sidewalk around) Wrigley Field,…

Preventing Leptospirosis

Leptospirosis is something you do NOT want your dog to get, and you can prevent it. Listen HERE to Dr. Natalie Marks chatting lepto on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World show, it’s a favorite topic for her. And it’s an important one because lepto can be deadly. It’s a bacterial disease spread by rodents (like rats)…

Dr. Natalie Marks, America's Favorite Veterinarian

America’s Favorite Veterinarian could certainly be awarded to a brilliant academic who is working on cancer drugs for pets, who makes headlines….or to veterinarians who campaign for the title. But then there are the everyday heroes, like Dr. Natalie Marks at Blum Animal Hospital, Chicago, She is one of twenty finalists in a contest sponsored by the non-profit American…

Pet Questions Answered at AVMA Convention

DENVER, CO. — These reader questions on dog behavior were answered by veterinarians  at the Convention of the American Veterinary Medical Association, held July 25-29 at the Colorado Convention Center. Q: I feed my cat about half a manufactured raw diet (and half) other healthy brands. Still, Charlie keeps getting ear infections, which my veterinarian…

America's Favorite Veterinarian: Help Her to the Crown

Dr. Natalie Marks, who may be voted America’s Favorite Veterinarian is on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio….Listen HERE to the petcast of that broadcast. After I say goodbye to my producer Rachel, I salute Dr. Marks. After all, voting for Dr. Marks is the patriotic thing to do. She talks about how practicing veterinary…

Truth About Leptospirosis: Protecting Your Dog

Leptospirosis has gotten tons of press lately. Actually this bacterial infection is hardly new, and occurs around the globe. One real concern is that this infection is zoonotic, which means people can get it too. Lots and lots of animals can carry the infection, which is spread mostly through urine. Among the critters carrying lepto…

Leptospirosis Study Rodent Transmission

Leptospirosis is a potential threat to people and to dogs. Leptospirosis is caused by a bacterial organism spread by urine of infected rodents and other animals, and found in water (most commonly standing water). Since people in the U.S. don’t typically drink directly from ponds, streams or puddles, the impact to people – compared to…

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