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Singing Mice: Animal News

People defend themselves with weaponry. Scientists have discovered that at least two species of mice have a totally different strategy, they sing. Anyone with pet rats or mice know they make all sorts of vocalizations…of course, most species on the planet do. Our cats purr, and we know the chirping of birds – which we…

WGN Radio Petcast: FIP with Dr. Niels Pedersen, Earthquake Preparedness, Helping Pets in Japan, Singing Mice and Hero Dogs

Listen to my WGN Radio Petcast Talk about getting superstars on the show: Dr. Niels Pedersen, director Center for Companion Animal Health and Veterinary Genetics Laboratory, University of California, Davis. He wrote the book on feline medicine – literally. Dr. Niels Pedersen offers an audio lesson on FIP Pedersen doesn’t do many radio interviews, and…

Mouse Love Songs

Scientists have discovered that when a mouse is looking for love, he sings – just as birds, whales and humans do. Mostly mouse songs can’t be heard by mere humans because they are in the ultrasonic range. Researchers have demonstrated that the mice are actually singing, and with a complex series of chirps and whistles…

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