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June 12 2018

Traveling with Cats

Thinking of traveling with your cat with summer? Dr. Todd McCracken of Ceva Animal Health says sometimes the best solution: Leave the cat at home. McCracken appeared on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show talking about the stress of pet travel HERE. Before traveling, he says, it’s a good idea to get a veterinary…

April 16 2017

Talking to You about Pets on WGN Radio

Listen to my WGN radio show kicking off with a classic Schwaney song (for newsman Dave Schwaney). I talk about the video the Chicago Blackhawks produced to support pet adoption at Chicago Animal Care & Control. Video for dog adoptions Video for cat adoptions Speaking of hockey, check this podcast out with legendary hockey broadcaster…

November 11 2016

Artistic or Just Wrong, Tattooing a Dog

I don’t know that I believe this guy – because he is filled with tattoos himself – as he explains really tattooed his dog to protect his White Bull Terrier from solar rays during cancer treatment. according to Yahoo News. I am personally not a fan of a tattoos. I don’t have any. However, I believe…

May 13 2015

Some Pet Microchip Companies Acting Irresponsibly

Microchipping saves lives. This is an accepted fact among those in the veterinary and animal welfare community. However, some microchip companies may now be compromising a system that’s reunited countless numbers of pets and their owners. A small chip (approximately the size of a grain of rice) is injected into the pet. If a pet…

March 26 2015

Cook County Veterinarian on Rabies and Microchipping

Dr. Donna Alexander, chief administrator Cook County animal and rabies control talks about what her job is on Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN Radio. Listen HERE, as Dr. Alexander talks about what happens to animals post eviction, people who hoard or allow animals loose in the forest preserves. To say rabies isn’t here, or doesn’t…

March 23 2015

Chicago Animal Care & Control Pet Adoption Events, Starting at WGN Radio

Steve Cochran and Steve Dale pair up to adopt Charlie, a 9-pound buff-colored male neutered Chihuahua from Chicago Animal Care & Control. On Tuesday March 23, 8:35AM CDT on WGN Radio. This pup can be yours. Listen at here, or at 720AM. Charlie, who is only a few years old,  is neutered and up-to-date on all…

September 6 2014

Case of Two Cats in One

For 10 years, a Siamese cat living in New Zealand has been leading a double life.  The pedigree cat was bought by Alice Alexander and named Ming in 2000. He was named for his tendency to mingle and Ms. Alexander said the family often got calls from neighbors telling them Ming was at their house. After…

August 28 2014

Microchipping is Necessary, American Animal Hospital Association

American Animal Hospital Association President Dr. Kate Crumley talks about the importance of microchipping. Listen HERE from Steve Dale’s Pet World about the importance of proper pet identification, most importantly microchipping. Dr. Crumley talks about her own experiences when a hurricane hit North Carolina. The chip identifies every pet as the individuals they are. Equally…

May 28 2014

Proposed Bill to Assist Shelter Animals Tabled in Illinois, The Back Story

Illinois SB0648,  sponsored by public officials State Senator Andy Manar  (48th district) and House sponsor Wayne Rosenthal (95th District) wouldn’t have benefited animals, despite both public officials’ hearts being in the right place. Listen HERE as Rosenthal explains – or tries to explain – how my conversation and also one with Illinois State  Sara Feigenholtz  (12th district) helped him to see…

October 16 2013

Vote for HomeAgain Pet Hero of the Year

HomeAgain judges took your nominations for most impressive heroes for pets. I was among the judges (who included the co-founder of and Sully Sullenberger) who narrowed the list. Now it’s up to you. On Steve Dale’s Pet World, I speak with Karen Kainer Consumer Marketing Manager of Merk Animal Health and HomeAgain who rattles off…

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