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May 17 2012

HomeAgain Recovers One Million Pets

If you want to be proactive about saving your pet’s life, regular veterinary visits, pet insurance and keeping a cat indoors only are certainly high on the list. But the most powerful tool of all could be about the size of a grain of rice: a microchip. Sometime over the past month or so, HomeAgain,…

May 16 2012

Did I Kill My Cat? My Cat Is a Bird Killer; Mandatory Microchipping; Snoring Pug

Q: I once lived in Highland Park, Ill., with a cat named Poco. We were inseparable. When he was diagnosed with kidney stones, I had to give him up; I just couldn’t afford treatment in 1987. I still miss Poco very much. How do I ask for forgiveness when he depended on me for everything?…

May 10 2012

WGN Radio Petcast: Finding a Dog Who Killed; One Million Pets Found; Wags to Riches

LISTEN HERE TO THE LATEST WGN RADIO PETCAST (may take a comment to load) From the Chicago Police Department Animal Crimes Unit, Sgt. Mark George details how my blog was actually instrumental in helping to discover the person who walked away from the scene after his dog killed a dog at Montrose Beach Dog Friendly…

August 20 2011

Microchip Makes It Possible for a Dog to be Reunited with Family

A dog from Michigan, missing for over a year, is returning home after being found in New Mexico. Shows you what a microchip can do. Caesar, a Maltese, was originally rescued from an animal shelter in Tucumcari, NM. He had been dropped off there by a family that said they were moving and could no…

August 3 2011

Gov. Quinn Signs Bill To Save Shelter Pets' Lives

At the Anti Cruelty Society of Chicago, I had the honor of participating in the signing of a bill which mandates that Illinois animal shelters scan all incoming pets not once but at least twice for a microchip. Here are some images from the bill signing.

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