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USPS Honoring Military Working Dogs

The United States Postal service just released their 2019 Special Stamp Program.  Included will be military working dogs. The Postal Service honors the nation’s brave and loyal military working dogs with this new booklet of 20 stamps. Each block of four stamps features one stamp of each of the following breeds — German shepherd, Labrador…

Let's Not Forget Our Soldiers With Four Legs on Memorial Day

Memorial Day is more than about picnics and a day off work – it’s about remembering those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, and celebrating those who fought for our freedom. Soldiers include military working dogs. “No one knows how many lives have been saved (by military working dogs) but many thousands,…

Megan Leavey: Life Lessons from a Dog in this True Story

Dogs teach us so much. A dog named Rex taught one U.S. Marine about how to love in the movie “Megan Levy.” The film, based on a true story, was a feature shown in theaters, and is now readily available at places like Amazon Prime. In 2005, Leavey and Rex they were deployed to Fallujah…

Canine Veterans Memorial Dedicated in Wisconsin

Terry Beck had a lifelong love of the military and joined the Marine Corps in 1966. His Basic Training was at Camp Pendleton and Special Forces K9 Training with K9 Seato at Camp Lejeune. Terry and Seato made the ultimate sacrifice on December 20, 1967, in Vietnam. Let us never forget those who gave their…

Remembering Military Working Dogs

Ron Aiello, president of the non-profit U.S. War Dog Association, estimates that American military working dogs conservatively saved over 10,000 lives in Vietnam alone, and that number likely doubled or tripled in Iraq and Afghanistan. The number of human lives saved by dogs over the years, impossible to calculate, but easily hundreds of thousands. Aiello was…

Victoria Stilwell: Guardians of the Night, Puppy Mills

Victoria Stilwell is a favorite guest of mine, not only because she’s excellent on the air, but also because of the respect I have for her. HEAR our conversation from Steve Dale’s Pet World, WGN radio about her new series, “Guardians of the Night.” What about this show touches me? “Guardians of the Night” celebrates the everyday…

Celebrating Military Working Dogs on Veteran's Day

Please do not forget the military working dogs on Veteran’s Day. Thousands of dogs have given their lives for America. And many many more thousands of human lives have been saved.  One veteran in this video says, “My guardian angel.”  We don’t know how many veterans from World Wars I and II, Vietnam, Dessert Storm…

Canine Military and Police Dog Heroes: Supporting Courage

Owners of retired military and police often don’t have the funds to pay for their care. The Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health) RIMADYL K-9 Courage Program will provide owners of retired military working dogs and retired police dogs a $300 debit card to be used for basic veterinary care. In addition, Zoetis has made $10,000 contributions to both…

Veterinarian Serving U.S. Army Reserve Surprises Daughter

Although the Wisconsin Badgers slammed the Purdue Boilermakers 41 to 10 Saturday, September 21, the 80,000 fans watching the game most remember an event that occurred during an extended time out. As often happens at Badger games, a member of the military is honored. At this game, 13-year old Bella Lund made her way on…

Military Working Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes

Memorial Day is supposed to be more than about weekend sales at big box or electronic stores, or picnics….it’s about family. I don’t mean our own immediate families; I mean the family we call America. .  . and those who maintain our freedom even as I write this. Our soldiers come in many shapes and sizes,…

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