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Help Dogs with Cancer, You'll Help People

It never made sense to me how researchers would induce cancers in rodents to study the disease in people. Dogs get cancers anyway, and by understanding cancers in dogs we can inherently better understand cancers in people (and at the same time help our best friends). In academic clinical trials across the country, oncology researchers…

Betty White on Steve Dale Pet World, WGN Radio

The one and only Betty White joined me on my WGN Radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, if you missed it – listen HERE to my conversation with the most beloved person in America. We talked about everything from mountain gorillas to Johnny Carson, to dogs.  

Betty White, 'We've Come a Long Way In the Animal World'

Betty White scoffs at the notion of being the most trusted person in America. “That’s so silly,” she says. She laughs when being compared to the late news anchor Walter Cronkite, who once held that same throne for many years. “I’m just an old broad who’s been around the block. People can’t get rid of…

Celebrating Veterinary Technicians, Unsung Heroes

Here’s what I know. Veterinarians save lives every day. But they don’t do it alone. When a pet is rushed into emergency surgery, it’s likely a veterinary technician is administering and overseeing anesthesia. When a pet has a behavior problem, the initial advice may come from a veterinarian but details and follow up are often…

New CEO/President, Morris Animal Foundation

Dr. David Haworth joins Morris Animal Foundation (MAF) as New President and CEO. It’s extremely important – because MAF is a significant funder of companion animal, and also zoo animal research. So much of what we know about solving animal health problems today, from medications, to vaccines, to the basic genetic knowledge comes from research…

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