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February 2 2019

Resolutions for Pets from the President

As we slide into February, in January I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. John de Jong ,president of the American Veterinary Medical Association about his resolutions for pets in 2019 on my national Steve Dale’s Pet World radio show. Resolution #1: Pets to get annual or best bi-annal check-ups. We now know, as…

April 12 2017

Overweight Cat Makes Garfield Look Small

Q: I have an overweight cat, who makes Garfield look tiny. My vet says because Stella is now middle aged, she’s going to have many problems if we don’t get her weight down. She’s on a special diet, and we adjusted her feeding, so she’s only eating at the times we feed our dog. Our…

September 19 2016

Obesity Epidemic in Pets

It’s a big problem – and that’s meant in every possible way. In the U.S., according to the Association for Pet Obesity 54 percent of dogs and 58 percent of cats are overweight or obese. That’s not good. But it gets worse. Now, according to a new data released by the pet health insurer Animal…

May 13 2016

Overweight Labradors: It May Not be Their Fault

Is obesity in dogs really genetic? According to research of scientists at Cambridge University, Labrador Retriever obesity may be a result of genetic “greediness.” Are you greedy? The research may also contribute to explain human obesity. The Labrador retriever, known as one of the greediest breeds of dog, is hard-wired to overeat, research suggests. The…

National Pet Obesity Day

There are more overweight pets than ever (and the problem is growing, sort of speak). Today (October 8) is National Pet Obesity Day, according to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention.  Currently (in America) nearly 60 percent of cats are overweight and just over half of all dogs. Routine check-ups are vital to promoting a long and…

Shaping Up with Andrea Metcalf on Steve Dale's Pet World

Andrea Metcalf is Chicago’s fitness guru, and is known all around the country….as Spring is about to be sprung, we’ll talk about how to get you and your pets into shape. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, just over half of all dogs and nearly 60 percent of cats are overweight or obese.…

Did I Kill My Cat? My Cat Is a Bird Killer; Mandatory Microchipping; Snoring Pug

Q: I once lived in Highland Park, Ill., with a cat named Poco. We were inseparable. When he was diagnosed with kidney stones, I had to give him up; I just couldn’t afford treatment in 1987. I still miss Poco very much. How do I ask for forgiveness when he depended on me for everything?…

Walk A Hound, Lose A Pound

It turns out walking your dog is as good for you as it is for your dogs. Listen to conversation from my national radio show, Steve Dale’s Pet World, with Dr. Rebecca Johnson,. Johnson is the director of the research center for human/animal interactions at the University of Missouri. Her latest book, “Walk A Hound,…

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