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Signs of Cognitive Changes in Aging Dogs and What to Do

Check out what veterinary behaviorist Dr. Gary Landsberg has to say about aging pets and cognitive dysfunction. Listen HERE on Steve Dale’s Pet World national radio. The secret, according to Dr. Landsberg, is to not wait until you actually see signs of cognitive aging. Preventive or early management is best. He says, “If you see…

Geriatric Pets and the Fountain of Youth

Dr. Mary Gardner is in the Lap of Love, speaking about geriatric pets on nationally syndicated Steve Dale’s Pet World – you can listen HERE. This begins with defining what a geriatric pet even is…how old is geriatric? The answer depends on species (cats vs. dog vs. Amazon parrot), and also for dogs, the size…

Special Soul Available For You

Finding homes for homeless animals is never a slam dunk. Anna Johnson of Chicago Canine Rescue delivered King into the WGN studio, an 8 year old dog who had done nothing wrong. Who knows why the previous family left him a big malnourished, literally tied to the shelter door. Steve Cochran on WGN Radio  and the entire WGN…

Dogs with Arthritis, Canine Athletes, Senior Dogs & Rehab: 2013 Sports Medicine Conference

Q: We just adopted a Lab-mix from a shelter. We lost our other dog, also a Lab-mix, about 6 months ago at age 14. For the last two years of her life, she was increasingly hobbled up. Is there any way to prevent debilitating arthritis, aside from a dog not living long enough to get…

Helping Our Aging Dogs

If your dog is aging – that’s good news, better than the alternative. There’s much we can for canine cognitive dysfunction.  First is early recognition of the symptoms: DISHA is the acronym for the five classic symptoms of canine cognitive dysfunction, which is like ―doggy Alzheimer‘s disease‖: D: Disorientation, such as dogs standing at the…

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