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Babies May be Healthier with a Pet

Have a baby? What you need next is a pet and a good pediatrician. And with the pet you may not need that pediatrician quite as often. Increasingly, studies support the theory that a dog or cat in the home improves the human microbiome, particularly babies, and therefore improve their immune systems. According to the…

Red-Eared Sliders Regaining Popularity: That Might Not Be So Great

I can’t believe it’s still “a thing,” spontaneously buying red-eared slider turtles. Back in the day, in the 1950’s and ‘60 into the early 70’s, these turtles were commonly kept as pets. Typically, though, they suffered from poor care. Their habitats were plastic containers with a plastic tropical looking palm and a small place to…

Cook County Veterinarian Dr. Donna Alexander, a Dedicated Professional

Dedicated to her job and to help pets, that was Dr. Donna Alexander. Upon landing in New York City, I learned several hours ago that my friend, and Administrator of the Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control was found dead. She had been battling some health problems, but appeared to be doing well when…

Cats with FIV May Help People with HIV

When we think comparative medicine, how animals can be used to study medical issues that impact people, we typically think about dogs. Indeed, increasingly, dogs are being used to study cancers.  In general, dogs are far better models than lab rats.   In the 1980’s the fear about HIV-AIDS was so extreme that cats with FIV…

Flu 101

On New Year’s Day, a 68-year-old woman was hospitalized for flu in southern China. Here’s the newsworthy part: It turns out she was diagnosed with H7N4, a new type of avian or bird flu. To experts studying the flu, this isn’t a surprise. The bird flu has been spreading and killing birds throughout China, and…

Not Just Another Sheep in the Flock

Counting sheep to help your sleep? Odds are you don’t recognize one sheep from another. Sheep, however, can recognize us and, of course, one another. Do sheep even excel at facial recognition? In a study performed by University of Cambridge researchers, sheep were shown black-and-white photos of four celebrities: Barack Obama, Emma Watson, Jake Gyllenhaal,…

Readers Shine Spotlight on Leptospirosis

Twelve years ago (2005), my 8-year-old 12-pound Jack Russell Terrier, Mickey, caught leptospirosis. We lived in a rural subdivision where opossums, mice, squirrels, and raccoons were common annoyances. Oh, and the house was surrounded by mulch, a lepto transmitter. One September morning, Mickey was a sprite, feisty Jack Russell. A few hours later, he just…

Leptospirosis is Killing Dogs, Though May Not Always Be Reported

Warning signs have been posted at Garfield Park in North Tacoma, saying park officials are investigating reports that three dogs that frequented the park have died of leptospirosis, which is on the rise. There is no CDC (Centers for Disease Control) for pets (though there should be to indicate disease, where it is and prevalence),…

Dogs Support Golfing for Ovarian Cancer

The Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness organization (OCSA) will host its 5th annual Golf Tournament and Dinner on Monday, July 31, presented by Billco Corporation at Boulder Ridge Country Club in Lake in the Hills. The benefit led by event co-chairs, Carolyn Ascher, owner of ME Project Management and Kurt Klepitsch, DVM and owner of Gateway Veterinary…

Dogs Identifying Cancers: Next Step Amazing

It’s no secret, dogs can identify several cancers, including prostrate, breast, colon, lung, thyroid, ovarian, and melanoma. But now what? It’s not likely that dogs will be “working” side by side in clinics with general practitioners and oncologists, as appealing as that idea is. Maybe one day our own health insurance will cover cancer-sniffing dogs,…

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