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Articles: One Health

April 22 2017

Earth Day, Isn't About Politics It's About Saving the Planet

Of all holidays, Earth Day may be the most important. Without the Earth, we kind of have a problem. And the way things are going – we just might have a problem soon enough. I am sure I’ll get many emails that this post is politically charged. I’m unsure why protecting our planet, and the…

April 19 2017

Stop Mice, You May Stop Lyme

Get ready for a record number of cases of Lyme disease this spring, summer, and fall. Gradually, this problem is getting some press. I’ve been writing about Lyme for years now, and even launched the Stop Lyme campaign last year. Veterinarians have known about the increasing instances of many tick diseases, including Lyme, for years. In…

April 17 2017

Ovarian Cancer: Dogs May Help to Develop a Blood Test

Dogs may save women from ovarian cancer and other types of cancer as well. In this WGN Plus podcast, listen to Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) Cofounder and Executive Director Vallie Szymanski and board member Dr. Kurt Kleptisch discuss how their support of cancer sniffing dogs at the University of Pennsylvania College Veterinary Medicine is on the…

February 27 2017

Darlene Arden, Celebrated Pet Author Dies of Ovarian Cancer

I lost a friend, and if you have a dog or a cat you also lost a friend. Certified animal behavior consultant and author of many pet books and thousands of newspaper and magazine stories, Darlene Arden succumbed to her long fight against ovarian cancer. Darlene set up a fund called the Ovarian Cancer Symptom…

November 14 2016

Ticks Like Kids and Dogs; Preventing Tick Disease

We share much with our dogs,  including susceptibility to tick disease. Veterinary parasitlogists agree dogs are a sentinel for tick diseases. And with every passing year, in the U.S. there’s more and more tick disease. I launched a One Health campaign called Stop Lyme with the American Veterinary Medical Association and Global Lyme Alliance to enhance…

September 6 2016

Camels Spit a Gift: The Common Cold

One hump or two?  It turns out that the common cold virus – going around parts of the country right now – has its birth in camels, according to new research the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Researchers at the University Hospital of Bonn in Germany had been investigating MERS when they made the unexpected…

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